Why Do You Think People Like Afgan

Why Do You Think People Like Afgan

Why do you think people like afgan

1. Why do you think people like afgan

Mengapa kamu mengira kalau orang menyukai Afgan

Because He is handsome and get beautiful song

2. why do you think people like Afgan?

Because Afgan is Good Voices.he is a Indonesian singer, he is handsome and has a beautiful songs

3. why do you think people like afgan?

Maybe because =
1. Afgan is handsome
2. Afgan is smart
3. Afgan has great voice
Maaf kalau salah

4. why do you think people like afgan?

Because he is good singer
he has nice voice
he is handsome

5. Why do you think people like afgan?​

Answer :

> Because afga has a very beautiful voice, other than that he also has good looks that make the women love it

6. Why do you think people like afgan


people like Afgan because afgan ia handsome

7. Why do you think people like afgan?

Mengapa akmu berpikir orang orang seperti afgan ?

8. Why do yo think people like afgan?

because he’s handsomebecause he is good singer  
               he has nice voice 
               he is hansome


9. Question meeting my idol Afgan 11.why do you think people like Afgan? 12.is there something on the text about a similar event?


11.why do you think people like Afgan?  people like Afgan because he is very friendly and amazing.

12. Is there something on the text about a similar event? yes, there is.


Afgan has always been my favourite  singer. I had always been thinking of how I would feel when I met him. Then I was  suddenly hit by lightning when I found out  Afgan was coming to town for a concert in a  local auditorium. A day before the concert,  there would be a meet-and-greet event at a  local radio station. Feeling excited, I packed  all my Afgan’s CDs to get his signature at the  event.

On that bright and sunny Saturday morni
ng, the radio station  was full of Afganism (that’s how Afgan’s fans are called). They sat  on the chairs prepared inside the radio station’s lobby. Some stood  in rows in the front yard of the radio station. A spot inside a lobby  was prepared with a mini stage for Afgan’s singing performance  and a table for Afgan to sign Afganism’s memorabilia. Finally, after  about 40 or 50 minutes wait, Afgan showed up from inside the  radio station. He smiled and waved to all Afganism who had been  boring. How are you all?”. The  crowd went crazy. The shouts sounded like a mix of “Fine, thank  you” and screams of Afgan’s name.  

Then, he started the event by singing his hit single “Dia  dia dia”. Afganisme went even crazier; they sang along with him  throughout the song. Of course, I did too. I couldn’t take my eyes  off this amazing singer who had released three albums. When he  was finished with the song, the host announced that it was time  for autographing the memorabilia. I prepared my CDs and began  to stand in the line. When I arrived at the table, I was speechless.  It was unreal just seeing him that close. I thought it was really cool  seeing him like that because he really just felt like a normal person,  which was awesome. He asked my name so that he could write it  on the CD to say “To Mia, Love Afgan”. He was also very friendly, so  I didn’t feel too nervous when I had a chance to take pictures with  him. He was just an amazing person. And it was the best day ever!

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10. Apa artinya why do you do think people like afgan?


mengapa Anda berpikir orang menyukai Afgan?

11. why do you think people like afgan?

very Handsome, So cutebecause Afgan is an “artist, very handsome, and cool”.

12. 11.why do you think people like afgan?

because maybe he is good voice

13. Why do you think pepolelike afgan?

afgan is the most singer from indonesia and i think he’s cool, handsome and have a good voice.

14. What do you think people like afgan

he is good looking, he has dimples, and nice. i think

15. Why do you think people like afgan

Because handsome.. .. Afgan is a very talented, he can sing very well and also play some music instruments. He is a very talented singer and musician, other than that he is very handsome too. He had a very deep dimples on his face and he is a charming person, that is the reason why Afgan have many fans and people liked him so much.

Jadikan jawaban terbaik yaa

16. why do you think people like afgan​


Do not know? Who is Afgan?

17. why do you think people like afgan

i think people like afgan because he is so handsome, and he has a good voice.I think people likes Afgan ‘cause he’s so gorgeous and got a nice talent. Besides, He has a nice voice

Hope this help 🙂

18. Why do you thing people like afgan?

I think people like Afgan because he is a handsome and good singer and he is kind to all of his fans. Because he’s handsome

19. Why di you think people like afgan

Because Afgan has a beautiful voice. He is handsome too.

he is a handsome man with a beautiful voice.

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