There Are Names Of Personnel's At School Except

There Are Names Of Personnel's At School Except

There are names of personnel's at school, except…​

1. There are names of personnel’s at school, except…​


C. nurse


Nurse adalah perawat, bukan merupakan anggota disekolah.

2. Apakah dari kalimat ini ?there are names of personnel’s at school, except


Di sana adalah nama personil sekolahan ,..


Sorry if i wrong, i just want to help and get a point’! I’m doing my best!

3. there are names of personnel’s at school, excep​


ada nama personel di sekolah, kecuali


maaf kalo salah

4. bank,resturant,hotel,school are the names of ..

the names of public places or public areabank, restautrant, hotel, school are the names of adverb of place

5. there are the names of province in indonesia,except

Sumatera Selatan , sumatera barat , sumatera utara , kalimantan selatan , kalimantan barat , kalimantan timur , jawa timur , jawa barat , jawa tengah , sulawesi utara , sulawesi selatan , sulawesi barat , sulawesi tenggara , maluku , papua , papua barat

6. They are names of the river in Java, except

mana pilihannya?? gak ada nehhh ¤ Mapel : IPS / B.inggris
¤ Bab : Nama sungai yang ada dj jawa
Penyelesaian :

•Jawa barat / West Java
Ci Asem
Ci Beet
Ci Tarum
Ci Bekasi
Ci Binong
•Jawa Timur / East Java
Sungai brantas
kali porong
sungai rejo
sungai madiun


7. 1. These are the names of personnnel at school, except.O a teacherO b. headmasterO c cleaning serviced. policeman​


D. Policeman


A. Teacher (guru)

B. Headmaster (kepala sekolah)

C. Cleaning service (petugas kebersihan)

D. Policeman (Pak polisi)


D. policeman (pak polisi)


people at school are :

1. teachers (guru)

2. headmaster(kepsek laki2)/principal(kepsek perempuan)

3. cleaning service(pelayanan kebersihan)

4. students(murid)

5. canteen service( pelayanan kantin)

8. these are the antivities done at school,except…​

Fighting,lying to your teacher,Cheating.

9. 6. There are names of personnel at schoolexcept ..a. Clerkb. Teacherc. Nursed. Principal​


c. Nurse (perawat)


=> kalau ditranslete:

Ada nama personel di sekolah

kecuali ..

a. Pegawai

b. Guru

c. Perawat

d. Kepala Sekolah

10. They are names of the river in Java, except

Sungai Asahan jawabannya.

11. the following are the names of minerals, except..​


Any choice?

Example of some minerals:

1. Phosphor

2. Calcium

3. Magnesium

4. Sodium

5. Iodine

6. Selenium

7. Chromium

12. mention 3 names of occuptions at the school​


teacher, principal, janitor


teacher : guru

principal : kepala sekolah

janitor : petugas kebersihan


Occupation at the school

Teacher                        : guruStudent                          : Muridoffice boy or janitor      : petugas kebersihanPrincipal                        : Kepala sekolah

13. There are names of personneis at school.except a.clerk b.teacher c.nurre d.princifal

jawabannya c. nurse (suster)

14. There are names of family,except


The family is a basic unit of study in many medical and social science disciplines. Definitions of family have varied from country to country, and also within country. Because of this and the changing realities of the current times, there is a felt need for redefining the family and the common family structure types, for the purpose of study of the family as a factor in health and other variables of interest. A redefinition of a “family” has been proposed and various nuances of the definition are also discussed in detail. A classification scheme for the various types of family has also been put forward. A few exceptional case scenarios have been envisaged and their classification as per the new scheme is discussed, in a bid to clarify the classification scheme further. The proposed scheme should prove to be of use across various countries and cultures, for broadly classifying the family structure. The unique scenarios of particular cultures can be taken into account by defining region or culture-specific subtypes of the overall types of family structure.

pelajaran : B. inggris status : terjawab

15. there are name of personnel’s at school excepta.clerkb.Teacherc.Nursed.principaljawab dengn benar ya​



Penjelasan dengan langkah-langkah:

maaf kalo salah


c. Nurse


16. there are the varieties of shoes,except

Disana ada jenis-jenis dari sepatu,kecuali.

semoga membantu :))

17. there are two names of eclipse

Moon eclipse and sun eclipse Solar and lunar eclipse

18. these… are the names of pets ,except​


itu bukannya adalah pilihan ganda ya…

maaf lo ya kalo salah…

cuma nebak…

19. 16. There are so many rooms in the school, except ​



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