The Things What We Use Them For

The Things What We Use Them For

the things what we use them for​

1. the things what we use them for​


broom = sweeping the floor

pensil = to write


2. The things=flower What we use them for=

we can use the flower to decorate our room or our garden.

maaf kalo salah

3. the things chair what we use them for ​

We use chairs to sit down and sometimes use it as a ladder to grab thing

Sry if answer is wrong

4. nomor 1 the things chairs what we use Them for We sit on it ​


hal-hal mengatur apa yang kita gunakan untuk kita duduk di atasnya

5. the names of the things in our house and what we use them for

1. Broom = For sweeping particle dust and cleaning our house
2. Mop = For absorbing waters
3. Chair = For us to sit
4. Television = To entertain us
5. Stove = To cook or heat foods

1.sapu-to clean the floor 2.kemoceng-remove the dust at home 3. iron-tidy clothes 4. wok-to cook

6. The thingsWhat we use them forchairsWe sit on it.​


couch, chair, armchair

7. the things black boar……what we use them for…. ?

we can use “chalk”…

8. carilah benda yang ada dikelasmu dan kegunaan nya seperti .the things what we use them for​



fan = to cool off

chair = used to seat

Cupboard = used to storing books or things

Blackboard or whiteboard = used to writing the lesson

Door= Used as entrance and exit

Window = Used to allowing the passage of light, sound, and/or air.

 AC= Used to freezing or cooling the room 

board marker = used to writing on the white board

erase = used to clean the whiteboard

Infocus projector = to display/show video, images or data from a computer on a screen or something with a flat surface such as infocus or a wall

ink = used to to refill ink the board maker

9. The things. What we use them for Cupboard Door Wall Picture Floor


1. to save clothes

2. as access for entering room

3. to limit access in a room or building

4. image function is as a human object to describe something or just for decoration

5. floor function is hold back groundwater to parts of the building

semoga membantu ^_^

10. the things=what we use them for 1.window

1. window = place for in and out of room.

11. Answer these questions !1. The things : CHAIRS.What we use them for ?2. The things : TABLEWhat we use for them ?3. The things : BOWLWhat we use for them?4. What does your father do?My father is a farmer.He ….5. What does your mother do?My father is a housewife.She………​


1.for sitting 2.eating in the table 3.use for put food in the bowl


maaf hanya 3


1. To sit

2. To put something on it

3. To eat food

4. raising living organisms for food or raw materials.

5. She keep the house clean, cook foods

12. Write down the name of following things and what we use them for!​

1: bed to sleep

2: Tv to watch

3: ac to cool the room

4:I do not know

5:washing machine for washing clothes


jadikan jawaban tersecerdas

13. No.The thingsWhat we use them forchairsWe sit on ​

we sit on chairs

semoga membantu heheh

14. the things and what we use them for (makes 20) example : Things : Bed We Use for : we sleep on it

Things: pen
We use for: writing on paper

Things: towel
We use for: dry our body after showering

Things: blanket
We use for: warm our body

Things: soap
We use for: clean our body

Things: toothbrush
We use for: clean our teeth

Things: shampoo
We use for: clean our hair

Things: lamp
We use for: enlighten the room

Things: mirror
We use for: look at our reflection

Things: sunglasses
We use for: protect our eye from the sun

Things: glasses
We use for: help us to see better

Things: couch
We use for: sitting

Things: spoon
We use for: help us to eat

Things: knife
We use for: chop some things

Things: scissors
We use for: cutting papers

Things: paper
We use for: we write on it

Things: car
We use for: transportation

Things: telephone
We use for: call someone

Things: TV
We use for: we watch cartoon in it

Things: shoes
We use for: protect our feet

Things: umbrella
We use for: protect us from rain

15. The things and what we use them for


wardrobe : to put something like a dress or accessories

bed : to sleep or lying down

chair :to sitting down

television : to watch

lamp : to light a room

book :to read or write

pencil/pem :to writing

16. the names of the things in our classroom ang what we use them for

Chair = To Sit
Table = To Put many things
Pencil = To Write Somethings
Fan = To Give Fresh Air
Eraser = To Erase

Semoga Membantueraser – to erase the fully written whiteboard
chair – to sit on while we’re inside the classroom
whiteboard – to write /draw something as part of the learning process
table – to rest our arms / put our school supplies
trash can – to put the rubbish in
projector – to project images/clips onto a screen/wall

17. 热族路COMNoThe thingsWhat we use them forbook​


tidak ada sesuatu apa yang kita gunakan untuk buku


maaf kalau salah

18. The Things=Oven What We Use Them For

Oven yg kami gunakan untuk mereka

19. The thingsWhat we use them forchairsWe sit on it​


chair pillows? blanket?

idk, sorry.


Yes, we use chairs to sit.


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