Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 2

Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Semester 2

Bantuin dong bahasa inggris materi kelas 11 semester 2

1. Bantuin dong bahasa inggris materi kelas 11 semester 2


1. they have built Houses

2. a new restaurant will be opened by them

3. the clothes are being washed by Mr. Joe

4. they found mask boxes yesterday

5. healthy food is consumed by the students


kalimat active diubah menjadi passive

dengan cara memindah kan objek pada kalimat aktif menjadi subjek pada kalimat passive, dan subjek pada kalimat aktif di ubah menjadi objek pada kalimat passive,

formula kalimat passive ( s + Tobe + v3 )

kata kerja pada kalimat passive selalu berupa kata kerja bentuk ke-3

* untuk jawaban nomor 1 dan 4 saya kurang yakin karena saya bingung dengan subjek nya,jadi saya tambah subjek “they” maaf kalo salah…

2. Tugas bahasa Inggris aktivitas siswa kelas 8 semester 2 A.give the past froms of these regular whether you would pronounce these past froms as/d/t/or/id/Example; we waited for you an hour yesterday (wait)1.joan……. her room on Friday.(clean)2.i….. squash last night.(play)3.she…. my letter yesterday.(post)4.i….. at her last Sundays (smile)5.she…. when she Saw me(stop)6.i… of you last night. (Dream)7.who… the cake? (Burn)8.he… a lot as a baby (cry)9.i….. tv all evening (watch)10.we….. when Saw them.(laugh)11.we….. the sergeant’s order.(obey)12.we……. into the house (hurry)… to me( lie)14.i ….. Early yesterday (finish)’s …… In the bill (include)16.i……. the door before i left (lock)17.we…… the first class (travel)Tolong bantu saya untuk menjawab soal bahasa Inggris ini karena materinya belum dijelaskan terimakasih​

1. cleaned
2. played
3. posted
4. smiled
5. stopped
6. dreamt/dreamed
7. burnt/burned
8. cried
9. watched
10. laughed
11. obeyed
12. hurried
13. lied
14. finished
15. included
16. locked
17. traveled


1 cleaned

2 played

3 posted

4 smiled

5 stopped

6 dreamt

7 burnt

8 cries

9 watched

10 laughed

11 obeyed

12 hurried

13 lied

14 finished

15 included

16 locked

17 traveled


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