Contoh Soal Essay Asking And Giving Opinion Dan Jawabannya

Contoh Soal Essay Asking And Giving Opinion Dan Jawabannya

Contoh soal asking and giving opinion essay !

1. Contoh soal asking and giving opinion essay !


asking :

what do you think of the film ?how do you feel about ?what’s your opinion about ?how did you like the film hyouka ?

giving opinion :

i think it is goodin my opinionfrom my point of viewin my opinion, the film was just like an mistery filmPenjelasan :

Ini ialah meminta pendapat atau giving opinion

giving opinion ialah memberi pendapat seperti “yes i like” “in my opinion” dan lain lain


2. apa pengertian dari asking and giving opinion? sebutkan contoh dari asking and giving opinion! 

asking and giving opinion artinya menanyakan dan memberi pendapat.
asking opinion : What do you think about this food?
giving opinion : I think this food is really delicious
(nama temanmu) do you know what is this .  temanmu: yes, its banana . kamu what is your opinion about my banana ?? temanmu: my opinion is tasty, rich of vitamin and very good to your body makes you very healthy. kamu thank you very much (nama temanmu). temanmu: my pleasure, its alright atau kata yang lain    *note: example banana

3. Tuliskan contoh soal asking and giving opinion!

jawaban : what do you think of the picture ?

i think it’s beautifuul

because se have that exelent colour

yes true once time

4. contoh soal dialog tentang expressing complimet and asking and giving opinion​



A: I’m sorry, my brother just rip your magazine yesterday

B: Thats alright, i’ve the new one


A: What do you think about my new shoes?

B: Its beautiful!


5. contoh dari asking and giving opinion?

asking = what do you think about it?
giving = i think so, i don’t think so, i think that’s a good idea, it’s brillian, marvelous, what an amazing beach
A : “what do you think of my new hair?”
B : “in my opinion, thats so cute. nice”

A : “what do you think of that rules in this school?”
B : “I think, this rules is not bad, it can teach the student”

Pokoknya kayak gitulah, cuma masih ada contoh lain sih, tinggal di ubah aja kata2 nya

6. contoh 2 soal pilihan ganda tentang asking and giving opinion?

Asking opinion : what’s your opinion about Islam in France?

Giving opinion : in my opinion, Islam in rrance is minority religion

7. contoh kalimat asking and giving opinion

2.attention please
questionary: what’s your name?
where’s your parents?
opinion: i think, that would be better if you accept it
i suggest you to congratulation him now

8. contoh asking and giving opinion

Asking for help

A: Can You Help me?

B: Sure

C: Thanks

Giving Opinion:

A: Hey, You look pretty

B: But my brother say I am ugly

A: No you not, you’re look so pretty

B: Thanks 🙂

Asking for help:
A: Hi Mr, Could you help me?
B: what can i do for you?
A: where is the house of Mr. King?
B: The house of Mr. King in front of Indomaret, number 26.
A. Thank you.

Giving an opinion:
A: What do you think about this dress? Is this suitable for me?
B: so nice! Your nice body make this dress perfect for you!
A: Thank you.

Maaf kalo salah grammar.

9. pertanyaan essay dialog asking dan giving opinion


10. buatkan soal asking and giving opinion

1.what do you think of our classroom?
2.our class is clean and beatiful.what do you think?

Asking Opinion .
1) what do you think….?
2) what about…?

Giving Opinion .
1) I Think..
2) I feel…

11. cari banyak contoh asking and giving opinion-jawab yang serius ​


Sure, here are some examples of asking for and giving opinions:

Asking for opinions:

1. What do you think about the new movie that just came out?

2. Do you have any thoughts on the latest fashion trends?

3. How do you feel about the proposal presented at the meeting?

4. What’s your opinion on the best place to go for a vacation?

5. Can I get your take on the current political situation?

Giving opinions:

1. I really enjoyed the movie; it had an engaging plot and great performances.

2. In my opinion, the fashion trends nowadays are quite bold and experimental.

3. Personally, I think the proposal needs some refining before we can proceed with it.

4. I believe that the best vacation spot would be a tropical beach destination.

5. From my perspective, the current political situation is quite complex and challenging.

Remember, opinions are subjective, so people may have different viewpoints on the same topic. It’s essential to respect each other’s perspectives and engage in open and constructive discussions.

12. contoh percakapan asking and giving opinion

what do you think about? | i think….A : Hi…
B : Hi…
A : What is you opinion about this book ?
B : I think it’s so good book the story make me feel like I’m on that story

13. 5 pertanyaan essay tentang asking and giving opinion beserta jawabannya. tolong ya.

1. hey do you know where the gangga resort is?
2. i think we should make this paper as possible as we can
3. i suggest you to go to market right now
4. do you know the global issu nowadays
5. you should go to docter now

14. contoh percakapan dengan menggunakan ASKING and GIVING FACT, ASKING and GIVING OPINION!

A : what is your opinion about our school??
B : in my opinion our school is clean and beautiful

15. contoh 2 soal pilihan ganda tentang asking and giving opinion?


1. Dave: So what do you think of my singing?
John: It’s really good, but I suggest to try singing in a high tune.
Dave: Thanks, John.
John: No problem, Dave!

From the dialogue above, John is… (Jawabannya B)
A. Asking for help
B. Giving an opinion
C. Asking for an opinion
D. Giving help

2.  Jade: What do you think of my drawing?
Rose: It’s amazing, but I think you should erase the scribbles over here.
Jade: Thank you so much for you opinon, Rose!
Rose: My pleasure.

From the dialogue above, Rose is… (Jawabannya C)
A. Asking for attention
B. Asking a question
C. Giving an opinion
D. Giving help


1. Dirk: Can you give me an opinion about my sculpture?
Jake: Sure thing! I think you should have had fixed the hand.
Dirk: Thanks, Jake.
Jake: No problem!

From the dialogue above, Dirk is… (Jawabannya D) 
A. Asking for help
B. Giving help
C. Giving opinion
D. Asking for an opinion

2. Jane: Roxy, what do you think of the cake I bake?
Roxy: It’ really delicious! I love it!
Jane: Yay!

From the dialogue above, Jane is… (Jawabannya A)
A. Asking for an opinion
B. Asking for help
C. Requesting for attention
D.Giving an item

Semoga bermanfaat, dan benar.

~Pyropillia1. Anto: What’s your comment on football match last night.
    Badru: I believe the team had tried their best.
  The underlined utterance___
   a. asking opinion
   b. giving opinion (jawaban B)
   c. denying
   d. refusing

2. Jim: What can you say about this film?
   Ron: I think it’s a good film.
   The underlined utturence is used to___
    a. give opinion
    b. ask opinion (jawaban B)
    c. deny
    d. refuse an offer

16. contoh percakapan asking and giving opinion

Karlos : Dear friends, I have a serious problem now. But I haven’t found the solution yet. I’m confused. Can you help me?
Upik : Tell us what it is!
Karlos : Yeah. Next month I must stop my studies because my father retired three  months ago. So he cannot pay my school fees.
Lidya : Take it easy. It’s not a serious problem.
Karlos : What? How can I solve the problem?
Lidya : Okay. I think you should ask for a letter from the authority telling that your family can’t afford the school fees. Then you submit the letter to your school or to the parents’
Upik : In my opinion you can also request scholarship. I think you are the best.
Karlos : Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I’ll try to do that

Utami : Our headmaster wanted us to improve and increase the quality of our English club. What do you think, Krisna?
Krisna : Well. I think so. We should be able to do that.
Utami : So what should we do?
Krisna : I think that we have to improve our syllabus. It must be more relevant to English.
Hani : That’s a great idea. But don’t forget. I think it is not only that. We should also know the student’s needs, because we handle different levels and wishes.
Utami : Yes, I know that. Thank you. And then do we need new instructors here?
Krisna : don’t think so.

hy can you givi me your opinion about church?
yes,the church is a god house

17. contoh asking and giving opinion

Asking for opinion :
1. What do you think about ….. ?
2. What’s your opinion ?
3. Do you think it’s suit for me ?
4. What will be happen ….. ?
5. Do you think it’s great ?

Giving opinion :

1. I think that’s good
2. I guess you can do that
3. In my opinion ….
4. It seems good
5. I think you will be win
Asking Opinion in English
What do you think of …….?
What are your views?
What is your opinion?
Is it right what I’ve done?
What about ……..?
How about ……..?
What is your opinion?
What do you think of…?
How do you feel about…?
How do you see …

18. contoh soal asking dan giving opinion

contoh statementnya?
Asking = what do you think about….?
what is your view about….?
do you have any opinion?

giving = i think its suit with you
its look so pretty
in my opinion,…..

19. contoh soal asking and giving opinion dan agree and disagree opinion donk?

what do you think about movie last night ?1. Asking opinion: What do you think?
2. Giving opinion: In my opinion…
3. Agreement: You’re absolutely right.
4. Disagreement: I don’t think so.

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