Contoh Dialog Suggestion And Offering Untuk 4 Orang

Contoh Dialog Suggestion And Offering Untuk 4 Orang

contoh dialog offering and suggestion 4 orang

1. contoh dialog offering and suggestion 4 orang

offering :
1. do you want to have a cup of tea?
2. would you come to my party?
3. if you dont mind if  we go to the mall?
4. do you want to be my friend?
suggestion :
1. please do not turn on the light!
2. could you turn on the tv?
3. i suggest you to bring your pencil.
4. would you drink that coffee?

2. contoh dialog suggestion and offering 3 orang

i dont know…………..suggeation

ali: oh im feel so tired
desi: why dont you sleep for a moment when we rest, after math subject?
ali: yes you right

ali; omg where’s my pen? it lost?
desi: what happens?
ali: my pen is lose
desi: i have 2 pen, you can use it if you want ali
ali: thankyou, can i borrow it?
desi: yes of course

3. Dialog Expressing Suggestion And Offering Untuk 4 Orang Tolong Di Bantu Yahhhh

I offer and suggest you to take a picture of the story or something before I could answer it 

4. Contoh dialog suggestion and offering, opinions, conversation. Yang dialognya digabungkan.


din: hi don. what are you doing?

don: hi din. i just purchase a new book shell. but i dont know how to install it

din: isuggestyoutoreadtheinstruction.

don: i did. but i dont understand

din: doyouwantmetohelpyou?i have done it before.

don: really? yes please… im stuck

din: inmyopinionyoushouldarrangethewoodfirst.thenyoucansecureitwithsomenails

don: din. you are coming in handy. thankyou for your help

din: no problem


1. i suggest you : suggestion

2. do u want me to help: offering

3. in my opinion : opinion

semoga membantu

5. Dialog suggestion and offering tentang budaya

6. Gimana sih contoh dialog untuk Expression suggestion and Offering help?

expression Suggestion Itu Meminta Bantuan… Kalo Offering Help itu Menawarkan Bantuan

Contoh : expression Suggestion
Can You Help Me bring the book?

Offering Help
May I Help You?

7. tolong bantumembuat dialog untuk 2 orang yang menggunakan 3 expressions : offering, suggestion, and asking for.​


a: Hey have you had lunch yet?

b: Not that I know of. Have you?

a: Same. Do you want to grab lunch together? I know a great sushi place nearby.

b: Oooh! Love sushi! I suggest let’s go there by walking, I think it’ll save us more time rather than with a car and with the parking and all that stuff.

a: Great idea. By the way, do you have a gum? My throat’s not doing so well.

b: Yeah yeah I have one, here it’s in my pocket!


8. Contoh dialog suggestion dan offering dalam satu dialog


Sebelum membuat dialog mengenai suggestion dan offering, kita sebaiknya mengetahui kalimat yang digunakan untuk mengekspresikan suggestion dan offering terlebih dahulu. Berikut contohnya.

1. Expression of giving suggestion

– You should …

– You ought to …

– It’s better for you to …

– I suggest you …

– I advise you to …

– Why don’t we/you … ?

– How about …?

2. expression of offering

Expression ini terbagi 2 yaitu, offering something dan offering help

Expression of offering help:

– May I help you?

– Can I help you?

– What can I do for you?

– Would you like me to …?

– Can I lend you a hand with that?

Expression of offering things:

– Would you like some …?

– Would you like something to …?

– Should I get you …?

– What can I get for you?

Berikut contoh dialognya.

A: B, what are you doing here?

B: I’m practicing for the next competition.

A: Don’t you feel tired?

B: No, i don’t.

A: But, you look so pale.

B: Do I?

A: Yeah, you should take a rest unless you will faint.

B: Yeah, i think so.

A: Here, let me help you.

B: Thanks

A: Don’t push yourself.

B: Well, the competition is coming soon. i have to be well-prepared.

A: But, it doesn’t mean you have to push yourself. You have to get enough rest, too.

B: You’re right.

A: Should i get you a drink?

B: Yes, please.

A: Alright. I’ll be back in a moment.

B: Thanks.

Mudah-mudahan jawaban diatas dapat membantu menjawab pertanyaanmu. Sebagai tambahan, kamu dapat mengunjungi link berikut untuk melihat contoh dialog lain yang menggunakan expression of suggestion dan offering.

Detil tambahan:

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9. Gimana sih contoh dialog untuk Expression suggestion and Offering help?

APRILIA : Hi, Sita … what are you doing … ?
S I T A : Hi, Aprilia …
.. I am writing a letter .
A : A letter…? What letter is it … ?
S : Yes, April…I am writing a good news letter.
: I want to mail it this afternoon to my older brother in Bandung.
A : Oh, I see … you are a kind younger sister.
S : Hmm …. what is up, April … what can I do for you ….. ?
A : Ops … thank you ……. may I borrow your English book, Sita …… ?
S : Mine …. ? What do you mean …… ? I have one only …..!
A : Yes, I know …….do not worry …. I will give it back to you soon …
S : OK, wait for a moment please ….. ! Here you are ….. !
A : Great, thank you, Sita …. you are my best friend, indeed …. ! See you … !  

10. contoh dialog suggestion and offer untuk 3 orang​


Oke kali ini saya akan memberikan contoh percakapan bahasa inggris untuk tiga orang di dalam sebuah restoran beserta artinya dan penjelasan ekspressi yang digunakan dalam percakapan.

Conversation at the restaurant for 3 people

Jeni, Leli, and Maya have lunch at the restaurant. They use their lunch time to practice by talking to each other.

11. contoh dialog offering campur suggestion

Here’s the example of dialogue on offering and suggestion.

F: Dude, got any plan this weekend?

G: No, I have no agenda at all. Do you have any idea?

F: Not exactly, what shall we do?

G: Let me see, shall we go fishing?

F: Really? going fishing?

G: What? What about it?

F: It’s the dullest activity of all. How about playing futsal instead?

G: we could, but we need more people. Who could you suggest ?

F: Yeah, I forgot about it.

G: My God, you need to focus on what you say.’

F: Yeah, sorry. My bad.

G: Oh, I have an idea, why don’t we go to cinema?

F: Yeah, the IT Chapter is out now.

G: OK, good idea. Let’s watch it then. Check the ticket and schedules first, mate.

F: Shall I pick you up here?

G: That’ll be nice then.


The dialogue above is about offering and making suggestion. The expression on stating them is rather different. Here they are


shall I pick you up?would you like me to clean it up?

The answer:

that would be nice. that’s very kinda unnecessary but thanks anyway.It’s fine, I can manage it.


shall we meet at 5 pm?why don’ we meet at kfc?let’s meet there at the cafe.

The answer:

Sure, that is a good ideaSorry, I’m afraid I can’t possibly make it. Sorry, I’d rather not. I’d prefer doing something else.

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12. Dialog 4 orang tentang suggestion dan offering dalam bahasa Inggris


A : im so stressed!

B : what happened ?

A : i dont understand this material

C : what material ?

A : chemistry

D : i think you should ask someone who understands it

B : thats a good idea , you can ask C for help

A : would you help me ?

C : of course , ill be happy to help you , do you guys also want me to teach you ?

B : thanks for the offer i really appreciate it

13. dialog expressing offering and suggestion or holiday

A : would you have a time to watch a movies ? it would be nice if we watching together
B : Oh okay , hmmm .. but i’ve no money
A&C : oh dont worry i’ve buy the ticket , lets go !
B : ok thx 

14. Contoh dialog 3 orang tentang suggestion dan offering



Sebelum membuat dialog mengenai suggestion, kakak akan memberi sedikit penjelasan mengenai expression of suggestion dan responnya terlebih dahulu.

1. Expression of giving a suggestion

Expression of giving suggestion digunaan untuk menyarankan sesuatu. Expression of giving suggestion dapat berupa pertanyaan, ajakan, maupun pendapat.

Berikut contoh expression of giving suggestion:

– What if we …? (ajakan)

Ex: What if we go to the cinema tonight?

– How about …? (pertanyaan)

Ex: How about making a cupcake?

– Why don’t you …? (pertanyaan)

Ex: Why don’t you do you homework?

– Let’s … (ajakan)

Ex: Let’s get something to drink

– I think we/you … (pendapat)

Ex: I think we should go to the meeting

– If i were you, i’d … (pendapat)

Ex: If i were you, i’d accept the invitation.

– You could/should … (pendapat)

Ex: You should go to the doctor to check your condition

2. Responding a suggestion

Untuk merespon sebuah pendapat kita dapat menerima atau menolaknya. Berikut contoh expression of accepting or refusing a suggestion:

– Yes, i think so

– That’s a good idea

– You’re right

– Why not?

– Alright.

Berikut contoh expression of refusing a suggestion:

– I don’t think that’s a good idea.

– I don’t think so

– No, I’d rather not.

– I don’t feel like it

– You suggestion sounds good, but …

Nah, berikut contoh dialog mengenai suggestion untuk 3 orang.

A: What should we do for our English video assignment?

B: Let’s make a mini drama.

C: I don’t think that’s a good idea. Making a mini drama needs a lot of properties.

A: Yeah, C is right. Let’s make something more simple.

C: I think we should make an advertisement.

B: I don’t think so. It will be difficult to edit the video.

C: Yeah, You’re right.

A: How about making a tutorial video?

B: Why not?

C: Yes, That’s a good idea.

B: Alright. Let’s decide where and when are we going to record it?

A: What if we record it on Sunday at C’s house?

B: You’re right. He has a studio. What do you think C?

C: That’s a good idea.

B: Great. A and i will go there on Sunday at 12 pm.

C: Alright.

A: Okay, See you on Sunday.

B & C: See you.


Semoga membantu:”)

15. contoh dialog percakapan offering suggestion untuk 3 orang​

A : Welcome to the restaurant! for how many people?

B : table for 2 please, in a smoking area

A : i’m sorry sir, table for 2 in a smoking area is currently not available.

C : can we just sit here inside the restaurant?

A : you cannot sir, this is a non-smoking area. I suggest you to sit at the rooftop, it is an open air and we have a table for 2. Do you mind ?

B : not at all

C : thankyou

16. Contoh dialog di bandara yang menggunakan suggestion dan offering


Airport guard : “Excuseme can I see your ticket please”

Me : “Sure hire the ticket

Airport guard : “Sorry sir but you go wrong way,tihs is terminal 3 but on your ticket is

terminal 2″

Me : “Realy? Oh yeah thanks sir”

Airport guard : “No problem and have a nice flight”

Me : “thanks”

Semoga bermanfaat 🙂

17. dialog suggestion and offering untuk 3 org​

soalnya gak jelas tak ada jawaban

18. dialog suggestion and offering


Andi : hei, nice to meet you
Alba : hello, nice to meet you too. how are you ?
Andi : I am fine thank’s, what are you doing now ?
Alba : I am cleaning the room, can you help me ?.
Andi : yeah, what i have to do ?
Alba : Right, please put the water from bathroom to swab this room.
Andi : okey, ” this is the water “
Alba : thank you Andi.
Alba : you are welcome

Andi : hei, nice to meet you
Alba : hello, nice to meet you too. how are you ?
Andi : I am fine thank’s, what are you doing now ?
Alba : I am cleaning the room, can you give me suggest ?.
Andi : yeah, in my opinion, if you have swept, you have to sweb ?
Alba : Right, thanks for your suggest.
Andi : You’re welcome

Good luck and good job 🙂

19. contoh teks dialog tentang covid 19 ,menggunakan suggestion and offering


Drama Covid-19

Darla dan ibunya hidup bahagia di rumah mereka. Tiba-tiba suatu malam ada panggilan dari kakak mama Darla dia sambil nangis mengatakan bahwa suaminya meninggal. Ibunya sedih mendengar hal itu lalu memeluk Darla.

Keesokan harinya…

• Darla : Ma, makanan udh hbs tinggal susu ini aja ! (sambil memegang susu tersebut)

• Mama : Iya, sosis dan telur pun habis juga ?

• Darla : Iya ma

• Mama : Yaudah mama pergi beli persediaan makanan dulu ya. Darla duduk diam di rumah jangan keluar ya banyak virus(sambil mengambil jaket bersiap-siap untuk berangkat)

• Darla : Hati- hati ya, ma. Jangan lupa pake masker !!!

• Mama : Iya Darla, mama pergi dulu ya ingat jangan keluar rumah ya.

• Darla : Ok,ma.

Mamanya pun pergi ke supermarket .Tp Darla tidak menurut kepada mamanya dia bosan di rmh jadi dia keluar dan bermain di playground. Namun beberapa saat kemudian mama menelepon…

• Mama : Darla,kamu lg ngapain nak?

• Darla : Emmm… Aku lg di…. playground

• Mama : Tp mama kan udh blg jangan keluar sekarang ada banyak virus. Kenapa kamu gak dengar mama?(sambil panik Darla kenapa -napa)

• Darla : Tp Darla bosan di rumah ma !

• Mama : Sudah, sekarang Darla ada di mana ?

• Darla : Darla lg di playground, ma

• Mama : Sekarang juga Darla pulang cuci tangan cuci kaki bersih-bersih, ok

• Darla: Ok ma


Semoga membantu

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