Cerita Rakyat Dalam Bahasa Inggris Yang Singkat

Cerita Rakyat Dalam Bahasa Inggris Yang Singkat

Cerita rakyat singkat dalam bahasa inggris

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1. Cerita rakyat singkat dalam bahasa inggris

The Legend Of Malin Kundang

Long time ago, in a tiny town near the coastline in West Sumatera, lived a female and her son, Malin Kundang. Malin Kundang’s papa had actually died when he was a child, as well as he had to live tough with his mom. Malin Kundang was a healthy, diligent, and also strong kid. He generally went to the sea to capture fish, as well as brought it to his mommy, or offered it in the community.

One day, when Malin Kundang was cruising customarily, he saw a vendor’s ship which was being raided by a tiny band of pirates. With his take on and also power, Malin Kundang beat the pirates. The merchant was so happy and also asked Malin Kundang to cruise with him. Malin Kundang agreed.

Several years later on, Malin Kundang ended up being a wealthy seller, with a substantial ship, lots of trading goods, numerous ship crews, as well as a beautiful wife. In his journey, his ship arrived on a coastline. The citizens recognized him, and the news ran quick in the community: Malin Kundang came to be an abundant male and now he is right here. His mother, in deepful sadnees after years of isolation, ran to the beach to fulfill her precious boy once again.

When the mo
m came, Malin Kundang, in front of his well dressed other half, his teams and his own glory, rejected to satisfy that old, poor and filthy woman. For three times she pledge Malin Kundang and also for three times yelled at him. At last Malin Kundang said to her “Enough, old female! I have actually never ever had a mom like you, an unclean and also ugly peasant!” After that he bought his teams to set out.

Angered, she cursed Malin Kundang that he would certainly turn into a stone if he didn’t apologize. Malin Kundang simply giggled as well as set sail.

In the quiet sea, unexpectedly an electrical storm came. His substantial ship was damaged and it was far too late for Malin Kundang to said sorry. He was thrown by the wave out of his ship, fell on a tiny island, and instantly transformed into rock.

2. Cerita rakyat dengan bahasa inggris dan artinya dan singkat

Mouse Deer and Crocodile
One day, Mouse Deer went down to the river to take a drink. But he knew that the crocodile might be waiting underwater to eat him, so he said out loud. “I wonder if the water’s warm. I’ll put in my leg and find out.” Of course Mouse Deer didn’t put in his leg. He picked up a stick instead and put one end into the water. Chomp…! Crocodile grabbed the stick and pulled it underwater. Mouse Deer laughed. “Ha… ha…ha… Stupid crocodile! Cant you tell the difference between a stick and a leg?” Then Mouse Deer ran off to drink somewhere else.
In the next day, Mouse Deer wanted to cross the river. He wanted to eat the fruits on the other side of the river. He saw a floating log in the river. He knew that Crocodile looked like a log when he floated. Mouse Deer didn’t want to be eaten by Crocodile when he crosses the river. He had an idea. He called out loud, “Crocodile!” Crocodile rose from the water, “Hello, Mouse Deer. Have you come to be my lunch?” Mouse Deer smiled. “Sorry, not today, Crocodile. I have orders from the King. He wants to invite all the crocodiles in this river to a party. He wants me to count all the crocodiles so he could prepare enough meal for you.”
“Really…? Tell us what to do,” said Crocodile. “You must line up from this side of the river to the other side,” said Mouse Deer. Crocodile then got all his friends and family. They lined up across the river. Mouse Deer then jumped onto Crocodile’s back. “One,” he counted. He jumped onto the next crocodile, “Two.” And the next crocodile, “Three.” Mouse Deer kept jumping until he arrived on the other side of the river. “How many are there?” asked Crocodile. “Just enough,” said Mouse Deer. He laughed as he ran to the forest.***
 TerjemahanCerita Kancil dan Buaya dalam Bahasa InggrisSuatu hari, Kancil pergi ke sungai untuk minum. Tapi ia tahu bahwa buaya mungkin menunggu didalam air untuk memakannya, jadi dia berteriak keras-keras. “Aku ingin tahu apakah air hangat. Aku akan memasukkan kaki saya ke dalam air dan mencari tahu. “Tentu saja Kancil memasukkan kakinya. Dia mengambil tongkat dan memasukkan satu ujung ke dalam air. Chomp …! Buaya menyambar tongkat dan menariknya ke bawah air. Kancil tertawa. “Ha … ha … ha … buaya bodoh! Tidak bisakah membedakan antara tongkat dan kaki? “Lalu Kancil lari untuk minum di tempat lain.
Pada hari berikutnya, Kancil ingin menyeberang sungai. Dia ingin makan buah-buahan di sisi lain sungai. Dia melihat batang kayu mengambang di sungai. Dia tahu bahwa Buaya tampak seperti kayu mengambang ketika ia mengambang. Kancil tidak mau dimakan oleh buaya ketika ia melintasi sungai. Dia punya ide. Ia berseru keras, “Buaya!” Buaya terangkat dari air, “Halo, Kancil. Apakah kamu datang untuk menjadi makan siang saya? “Kancil tersenyum. “Maaf, tidak hari ini, Buaya. Saya mendapat perintah dari Raja. Dia ingin mengajak seluruh buaya di sungai ini ke pesta. Dia ingin aku menghitung semua buaya sehingga ia bisa mempersiapkan cukup makanan untuk kamu. ”
“Sunggu…? Beritahu kami apa yang harus dilakukan, “kata Buaya. “kamu harus berbaris dari sisi sungai ke sisi lain,” kata Kancil. Buaya kemudian memanggil semua teman-temannya dan keluarganya. Mereka berbaris di seberang sungai. Kancil lalu melompat ke punggung buaya. “Satu,” ia menghitung. Dia melompat ke buaya berikutnya, “Dua.” Dan buaya berikutnya, “Tiga.” Kancil terus melompat sampai ia tiba di sisi lain sungai. “Berapa banyak?” Tanya Buaya. “Cukup,” kata Kancil. Dia tertawa sambil berlari ke hutan. 

3. Cerita rakyat sangat pendek dan singkat dlm bahasa inggris? Cerita rakyat terserah yg penting singkat dan pendek

Once upon a time, there was a young lived in West Sumatra named Malin Kundang. He lived with a poor fisherman family. His father went to sea to make a living for his family and he never came back to home. People made an issue about his father’s death. This issue made his mother anxious every day.

Several months later, his mother chose to forget about his father. She realized that she had to work hard. She did a lot of works all day and night. Unfortunately, she still didn’t get enough money for her family.

Malin couldn’t stand with his mother’s suffering. He decided to go sailing and made money. He wanted to become a rich man so he could help his mother. At first, his mother didn’t allowed him to go. She was afraid Malin did not come back like his father did. At the last, Malin got his mother allowance to go.

The legend of surabaya

A long time ago in East Java there were two strong animals, Sura and Baya. Sura was a shark and Baya was a crocodile. They lived in the sea.

Actually, they were friends. But when they were hungry, they were very greedy. They did not want to share their food. They would fight for it and never stop fighting until one of them gave up.
It was a very hot day. Sura and Baya were looking for some food. Suddenly, Baya saw a goat.

“Yummy, this is my lunch,” said Baya.

“No way! This is my lunch. You are greedy! I had not eaten for two days!” said Sura.

Then Sura and Baya fought again. After several hours, they were very tired. Sura had a plan to stop their bad behavior.

“I’m tired of fighting, Baya,” said Sura.

“Me too. What should we do to stop fighting? Do you have any idea?” asked Baya.

“Yes, I do. Let’s share our territory. I live in the water, so I look for food in the sea. And you live on the land, right? So, you look for the food also on the land. The border is the beach, so we will never meet again. Do you agree?” asked Sura.

“Hmm… let me think about it. OK, I agree. From today, I will never go to the sea again. My place is on the land,” said Baya.

Then they both lived in the different places. But one day, Sura went to the land and looked for some food in the river. He was very hungry and there was not much food in the sea. Baya was very angry when he knew that Sura broke the promise.

“Hey, what are you doing here? This is my place. Your place is in the sea!”

“But, there is water in the river, right? So, this is also my place!” said Sura.

Then Sura and Baya fought again. They both hit each other. Sura bite Baya’s tail. Baya did the same thing to Sura. He bit very hard until Sura finally gave up. He went back to the sea. Baya was very happy. He had his place again.

The place where they were fighting was a mess. Blood was everywhere. People then always talked about the fight between Sura and Baya. They then named the place of the fight as Surabaya, it’s from Sura the shark and Baya the crocodile. People also put their war as the
symbol of Surabaya city. ***

askmeenglish (tanya gue Inggris!)

4. buatkan 2 rangkuman cerita rakyat dalam bahasa inggris,singkat banget ya!!(jangan bilang rangkum aja sendiri)…..ntar aku follow ​


There was a small family they have a mother and a son called Malin Kundang. One day the mother asked Malin Kundang to go to a forest to find some food, when he found a treasure chest he immediately feel happy, when he brang his treasure chest to his house her mother sayed keep the treasure but Malin Kundang was a greedy man he sneaked into a trading ship and become rich, when the king try to find a husband for his daughter one of the knight sayed “there was a young man who was rich, I think he lived by the beach” then, the king immediately search for Malin Kundang when he found him he send him into his castle, Malin Kundang tought that he is going to be in jail forever, but the king sayed that he is marrying his daughter, Malin Kundang was so happy and sayed thank you to him, the king asked if he have any family members, Malin Kundang will embarrassed if he sayed that he have a mom with ugly clothes, so he sayed he don’t have any family member that was alive, At the wedding day Malin Kundang celebrate it at his huge ship, when he and his bride looked around an old woman running towards Malin Kundang and sayed that she is Malin Kundang’s mother, the mother tought that Malin Kundang was gone but he’s not, Malin Kundang felt embarrassed so he sayed that you’re not my mother then he explains more that his mother was dead, the mother feelings were crushed and cursed him, then a rain started there were thunderstorms Malin Kundang begged for forgiveness but it was too late he got strucked by a light and be a statue for ever The End


Maaf kalo salah

5. tuliskan cerita rakyat dalam bahasa Inggris..mohon bantuannya bagi yang serius singkat”aja ka nggak apa​

The Lake Toba
A long time ago, there lived a young orphan farmer in the northern part of the island of Sumatra. The area is very dry. Syahdan, the young man lived from farming and fishing. One day he was fishing a fish so beautiful. The color is golden yellow. So holding, the fish turned into a lovely princess. The daughter of a woman who was condemned for violating a ban. He will turn into a kind of creature that first touch. Therefore, human touches it, it turns into a princess.

Fascinated by her beauty, the young farmer’s daughter asked her to be his wife. The proposal is accepted on condition that the young man would not tell its origin from the farmer ikan.Pemuda the terms agreed. After a year, the couple blessed with a boy. He has a bad habit that is never satiated. He ate all the food.

One day the boy was eating all the food from their parents. The young man was very upset saying: “basic offspring of fish!” That statement by itself isterinya.Dengan thus unlock the secrets of their promise has been violated.

His wife and son disappeared mysteriously. The land of their former footing springs. The water that flows from the spring growing bigger and bigger. And being a vast lake. The lake is now called Lake Toba.

Danau Toba
Pada jaman dahulu, hiduplah seorang pemuda tani yatim piatu di bagian utara pulau Sumatra. Daerah tersebut sangatlah kering. Syahdan, pemuda itu hidup dari bertani dan memancing ikan. Pada suatu hari ia memancing seekor ikan yang sangat indah. Warnanya kuning keemasan. Begitu dipegangnya, ikan tersebut berubah menjadi seorang putri jelita. Putri itu adalah wanita yang dikutuk karena melanggar suatu larangan. Ia akan berubah menjadi sejenis mahluk yang pertama menyentuhnya. Oleh karena yang menyentuhnya manusia, maka ia berubah menjadi seorang putri.

Terpesona oleh kecantikannya, maka pemuda tani tersebut meminta sang putri untuk menjadi isterinya. Lamaran tersebut diterima dengan syarat bahwa pemuda itu tidak akan menceritakan asal-usulnya yang berasal dari ikan.Pemuda tani itu menyanggupi syarat tersebut. Setelah setahun, pasangan suami istri tersebut dikarunia seorang anak laki-laki. Ia mempunyai kebiasaan buruk yaitu tidak pernah kenyang. Ia makan semua makanan yang ada.

Pada suatu hari anak itu memakan semua makanan dari orang tuanya. Pemuda itu sangat jengkelnya berkata: “dasar anak keturunan ikan!”Pernyataan itu dengan sendirinya membuka rahasia dari isterinya.Dengan demikian janji mereka telah dilanggar.

Istri dan anaknya menghilang secara gaib. Ditanah bekas pijakan mereka menyemburlah mata air. Air yang mengalir dari mata air tersebut makin lama makin besar. Dan menjadi sebuah danau yang sangat luas. Danau itu kini bernama Danau Toba.

6. Buatkan Teks Drama Singkat Bahasa Inggris 10 Orang tentang Cerita Rakyat​


Once upon a time, there lived 10 brave souls who were not scared of any kind of evil. They set out on a journey in search of a magical folktale that would transform their lives and bring them true happiness. Along the way, they encountered many dangers and suffered many losses, but their fearlessness never wavered. In the end, they found the magical tale, and it changed their lives forever, bringing them joy, love, and peace.



semoga bisa ya!

Dahulu kala, hiduplah 10 jiwa pemberani yang tidak takut pada kejahatan apa pun. Mereka melakukan perjalanan untuk mencari cerita rakyat ajaib yang akan mengubah hidup mereka dan memberi mereka kebahagiaan sejati. Sepanjang jalan, mereka menghadapi banyak bahaya dan mengalami banyak kerugian, tetapi keberanian mereka tidak pernah goyah. Pada akhirnya, mereka menemukan kisah ajaib, dan itu mengubah hidup mereka selamanya, memberi mereka kegembiraan, cinta, dan kedamaian.

7. 1. Cermati teks tanggapan kritis berikut ini! Keinginan pemerintah Indonesia untuk memiliki pesawat khusu kepresidenan sudah lama ada. Sekarang keinginan pemerintah tersebuut sudah direalisasikan, meskipun mendapat tanggapan beragam dari masyarakat. Pesawat berkatagori Boeing Bussinees Jet 2 (BBJ2) 737-800 itu sudah berada di tanah air sejak kamis, 10 April 2014. Dengan gagah pesawat modern itu mendarat di bandara Halim Perdana Kusuma. Ada banyak alasan yang memperkuat bahwa saat ini bukan waktu yang tepat untuk memiliki pesawat kepresidenan. Alasan ekonominya adalah pesawat tersebut memiliki biaya operasional yang sangat tinggi. Alasan sosialnya adalah pada saat rakyat belum terentaskan dari kemiskinan, para pejabat menikmati fasilitas negara yang mewah. Alasan keamanan dan politiknya adalah saat ini dengan pesawat komersial keamanan pejabat masih dapat tertangani dengan baik. Alasan berikutnya jelas bahwa Indonesia adalah negara kepulauan yang mau tidak mau presiden harus memiliki pesawat sendiri. Tidak mungkin presiden menggunakan pesawat komersial karena jadwalnya sangat terbatas. Pandangan bahwa memiliki pesawat kepresidenan bukan prioritas utama juga dapat dibantah karena saat ini perekonomian Indonesia sudah stabil. Pertumbuhan cukup baik sehingga operasional dapat ditutupi. Pendapat kontra pada paragraf tersebut adalah …. Select one: a. Indonesia adalah negara kepuluan yang mau tidak mau presiden harus memiliki pesawat sendiri. b. Keinginaan pemerintah Indonesia untuk memiliki pesawat khusus kepresidenan sudah lama ada. c. Pandangan
bahwa memiliki pesawat kepresidenan bukan pprioritas utama juga dapat dibantah karena saat ini perekonomian Indonesia sudah stabil. d. Ada banyak alasan yang memperkuat bahwa saat ini bukan waktu yang tepat untuk memiliki pesawat kepresidenan 2. Cermatilah paragraf berikut! Lembah Harau, di Kabupaten Lima Puluh Kota, Provinsi Sumatra Barat merupakan jurang yang besar dengan diameter mencapai 400 meter. Di Harau ini banyak keindahan yang memukau. Tebing-tebing granit menjulang tinggi dengan bentuknya yang unik mengelilingi lembah. … Dari mulai memasuki Lembah Harau, pengunjung sudah menikmati tebing-tebing granit ini. Kalimat yang tepat untuk melengkapi bagian yang rumpang dalam paragraf tersebut adalah …. Select one: a. Pengunjung menikmati keindahan alamnya dalam udara yang sangat segar dan bersih. b. Tebing-tebing granit yang terjal ini mempunyai ketinggian 80-300 meter. c. Sebagian pemanjat tebing dunia telah mengunjungi tempat ini untuk dipanjatnya. 3. (1) Pada tanggal 25 Oktober 2015, kami mengunjungi PT Sinar Sosro. (2) Kami menonton pemutaran film sejarah berdirinya PT Sinar Sosro. (3) Kemudian dilanjutkan dengan pemutaran film mengenai proses pembuatan teh botol Sosro, meliputi proses awal sampai pada proses pengolahan limbah cair dan padat yang dihasilkan. (4) Setelah kegiatan ini diharapkan siswa lebih rajin belajar agar sukses meraih cita-cita. Kalimat ke-4 termasuk kalimat sumbang, karena …. Select one: a. kalimat tersebut kurang efektif b. kalimat tersebut salah c. tidak ada keterpaduan dengan kalimat sebelumnya. d. kalimat tersebut berlebihan 4. Orang tua itu mendengar apa yang dibicarakan anak dan menantunya. Dia melihat ke depan, ke arah yang dikatakan anak dan menantunya. Tampak olehnya patung polisi di bawah guyuran hujan lebat dalam posisi memberi hormat kepada mereka. Mobil pun berjalan karena lampu telah hijau. Dari jendela orang tua itu melihat keluar. Dia perhatikan patung polisi itu dalam guyuran hujan. Dia iba melihat polisi patung itu. Dia tiba-tiba tersentak. “Ya Allah. Polisi itu … menjadi batu ….” Kutipan tersebut merupakan bagian dari struktur cerpen, yaitu …. Select one: a. resolusi b. evaluasi c. koda d. abstrak 5. Cermati teks biografi di bawah ini! Pramudya Ananta Toer menjadi penulis produktif di masa kemerdekaan. Ia menulis beberapa novel dan cerita singkat yang mengangkat namanya, seperti Keluarga Gerilya, Subuh, Pertjintaan Revolusi, Cerita dari Blora, dan Tjerita dari Djakarta. Belasan buku karya Pram telah diterjemahkan ke lebih dari 30 bahasa dunia, termasuk Jerman, Jepang, Rusia, dan Inggris. Pernah oleh majalah Time, Pram dinobatkan sebagai salah satu Asian Heroes. Sementara Los Angeles Time menjulukinya Albert Camus Indonesia, dan termasuk 100 pengarang dunia yang karyanya wajib dibaca sejajar dengan John Steinbejk dan Graham Greene. Keistimewaan tokoh tersebut adalah …. Select one: a. termasuk 100 pengarang dunia b. seorang pengarang yang produktif c. dijuluki Albert Camus Indonesia d. penulis novel dan cerita singkat #maaf kalau tanyanya banyak:))

4.mohon maaf saya tudak tahu.

mohon maaf jika salah >_<
smg membantu
#tidak apa lebih baik bertanya dari pada sesat di jalan ;))

8. cerita rakyat singkat dalam bahasa inggris yang biasa dipakai untuk lomba

Short Story of Timun Mas

Once upon a time in a little village lived an old widow named Mbok Rondho. Since her husband death she lived alone. She really dreamt to have a child. One day, Buto Ijo came since he knew her wish. Buto Ijo offered her some cucumber seed. He said if the cucumber seed was planted, it would grow into a huge cucumber. Inside it, there was a lovely baby. Buto Ijo added that would take her back sixteen years later.

The old widow agreed with the condition. Soon, she planted the seed right in front of her house. In the following day, she was surprised finding a huge cucumber in her yard. She hurriedly splat the cucumber and found a cute baby who called as Timun Mas. She was so happy for getting his dream came true.

Timun Mas grew to be a beautiful and humble lady. As the time past, finally it was her sixteenth birthday came. One day, the old widow said that Timun Mas should go far away or Buto Ijo would take her back. Then, she gave Timun Mas some salt. Timun Mas was puzzled and wondered what was happened.

In the following day, Timun mas decided to go to the jungle. She didn’t forget to bring the salt which was given by the old widow with her to defeat the Buto Ijo. Right in the jungle, Buto Ijo searched for her. He shouted loudly calling for her name. Timun Mas was so terrified hearing Buto Ijo’s voice.

After a long hunt, Buto Ijo could find her. Timun Mas ran fast and threw the salt at the same time. Suddenly, the salt turned into a muddy lake and made Buto Ijo sank in it and he came into an end. Eventually, Timun Mas came back to her house and lived with the old widow happily ever after.

9. Cerita rakyat singkat arya penangsang pakai bahasa inggris

Arya Penagsang Is Human



The fall of Constantinople was the conquest of the capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire, which occurred after the previous siege, under the command of the 21-year-old Ottoman Sultan, Muhammad al-Fatih, against a defending army commanded by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI.

— Si Pitung ⋆。˚

Pitung is a pious young man from Rawa Belong. He diligently studied the Koran in Haji Naipin. Finished learning the Koran he was trained in martial arts. After years of religious knowledge and the ability to master the martial increased.

At that time the Dutch were colonized Indonesia. Pitung pitied the plight experienced by young people. Meanwhile, kumpeni (the name for the Netherlands), a group of employer and the landlord lives wallowing in luxury. Homes and their fields guarded by thugs who ferociously.

With the assistance of his friends of the Rais and Jii, Pitung began planning the robbery of the employer and the wealthy landlords. Rampokannya results were distributed to the poor. In front of a starving family home laid Sepikul rice. Families who wrapped it provides compensation payable moneylenders. And orphaned children parcel dikiriminya clothes and other gifts.

Pitung success and his friends because of two things. First, it has a high martial arts and dikhabarkan they are immune to bullets. Second, people do not want to tell where Pitung is now. However, the robbery victim Pitung rich with kumpeni always trying to persuade people to open my mouth.

Kumpeni also use violence to force people to testify. One day, kumpeni and wealthy landlords managed to get information about family Pitung. So they seized both her parents and the Hajj Naipin. With a heavy ordeal finally they get the information about where and confidential Pitung are immune.

Armed with all that information, police were ambushed Pitung kumpeni. Of course Pitung and his friends fight. But unfortunately, information about the immune secret Pitung already open. He was pelted with rotten eggs and shot. Thus he was killed, Pitung still regarded as a defender of the common people.

— indonesia

Si Pitu
ng adalah seorang pemuda yang soleh dari Rawa Belong. Ia rajin belajar mengaji pada Haji Naipin. Selesai belajar mengaji ia pun dilatih silat. Setelah bertahun- tahun kemampuannya menguasai ilmu agama dan bela diri makin meningkat.

Pada waktu itu Belanda sedang menjajah Indonesia. Si Pitung merasa iba menyaksikan penderitaan yang dialami oleh rakyat kecil. Sementara itu, kumpeni (sebutan untuk Belanda), sekelompok Tauke dan para Tuan tanah hidup bergelimang kemewahan. Rumah dan ladang mereka dijaga oleh para centeng yang galak.

Dengan dibantu oleh teman-temannya si Rais dan Jii, Si Pitung mulai merencanakan perampokan terhadap rumah Tauke dan Tuan tanah kaya. Hasil rampokannya dibagi-bagikan pada rakyat miskin. Di depan rumah keluarga yang kelaparan diletakkannya sepikul beras. Keluarga yang dibelit hutang rentenir diberikannya santunan. Dan anak yatim piatu dikiriminya bingkisan baju dan hadiah lainnya.

Kesuksesan si Pitung dan kawan-kawannya dikarenakan dua hal. Pertama, ia memiliki ilmu silat yang tinggi serta dikhabarkan tubuhnya kebal akan peluru. Kedua, orang-orang tidak mau menceritakan dimana si Pitung kini berada. Namun demikian orang kaya korban perampokan Si Pitung bersama kumpeni selalu berusaha membujuk orang-orang untuk membuka mulut.

Kumpeni juga menggunakan kekerasan untuk memaksa penduduk memberi keterangan. Pada suatu hari, kumpeni dan tuan-tuan tanah kaya berhasil mendapat informasi tentang keluarga si Pitung. Maka merekapun menyandera kedua orang tuanya dan si Haji Naipin. Dengan siksaan yang berat akhirnya mereka mendapatkan informasi tentang dimana Si Pitung berada dan rahasia kekebalan tubuhnya.

Berbekal semua informasi itu, polisi kumpeni pun menyergap Si Pitung. Tentu saja Si Pitung dan kawan-kawannya melawan. Namun malangnya, informasi tentang rahasia kekebalan tubuh Si Pitung sudah terbuka. Ia dilempari telur-telur busuk dan ditembak. Ia pun tewas seketika.Meskipun demikian untuk Jakarta, Si Pitung tetap dianggap sebagai pembela rakyat kecil.

11. tolong donk bikinin cerita rakyat tentang jaka tingkir yg singkat indonesianya dengan bahasa Inggris .

Once upon a time there was a widow who lived in the village of Dadapan.  She had a son whose name was Jaka Tarub.  Dadapan village was close to a wood so Jaka Tarub liked to go to the wood.  He liked hunting for animals with his blowpipe.

One day when he was in the wood he saw a beautiful rainbow and he saw seven angels went down through it.  He came closer and searched for them.  The seven angels were swimming and taking a bath in a lake.  Jaka Tarub looked at them while hiding behind trees.  When they had finished taking a bath, they flew through the rainbow to heaven.

The next day he saw the same thing again.  This time Jaka Tarub had an idea.  He searched for their dress and when he found them he took one of them.  As they had finished swimming and taking a bath, they looked for their dress.  One of them could not find her dress.  Her friends had to come back to heaven so they left her.  She was crying while staying in the water.  Jaka Tarub approached her.

Why are you crying lady?’

‘I lose my dress so I cannot go home’

‘Where is your home?’

‘I live in heaven.  I’m an angel.  My name is Nawang Wulan.  But I lose my dress so I cannot fly anymore’

‘I you don’t mind I will take my mother’s dress for you’

‘OK, please do’

‘Wait for me here, I’ll be back’

Then Jaka Tarub went home to take her mother’s dress and gave it to Nawang Wulan.  He asked her to stay at her house with his mother.  Not long after that Jaka Tarub married Nawang Wulan.

As an angel Nawang Wulan had spiritual power.  She had ability which far above human being.  She could cook rice with just a bar of rice and when it had done the bowl will be full of rice.  But there was one condition.  The bowl must not be opened before it has done.  Jaka Tarub was very surprised with her wife’s ability. He was very curious about it.  So when Nawang Wulan was away he opened the bowl.  Consequently Nawang’s spiritual power disappeared.  She had to cook as ordinary human being.

Several months later Nawang Wulan gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  Her name was Nawang Sih.  The birth of Nawang Sih added happiness to Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan.

Since Nawang Wulan could not cook efficiently anymore, she needed more rice than usual.  The stock of rice in their store room diminished rapidly.  Then one day when she took rice there she was very surprised.  Nawang Wulan found her angel dress.  It was hidden there under piles of rice.  She immediately wore it and talked to Jaka Tarub.

‘My dear husband, now I know what you did to me’

‘Forgive me, my dear.  I admit that I did this because I love you’

‘I love you too.  But now I find my dress.  I must come back to heaven.  I am an angel.  My place is not here.  I have to go now’.

‘How about Nawang Sih?  She needs you’‘I will leave her but don’t worry.  I will take care of her.  Anytime she needs me I will be here.  For that purpose please build a tower. When Nawang Sih cries put her there then call my name. I will come immediately.  But I will be invisible to you.  Good bye dear’

Then Jaka Tarub built a tower behind his house.  Every time Nawang Sih cried he would put her there.  Nawang Wulan would come and take care of Nawang Sih.

12. Cerita rakyat yg Ada Di Indonesia dalam Bahasa inggris Dengan singkat Tolong ya ^_^

(Cerita bawang putih dan bawang merah)
Once upon a time theres a girl live in a happy family, she called bawang putih. She has a big house and happy life, but one day, her mom died and her father decided to marry a new girl again. Bawang putih excited about her new step mother, she brought 1 daughter called bawang merah. Luckily they’re kind to bawang putih. One day, bawang merah and her mom has an evil plan to kill her father and be the owner of everything, so then they do it. When bawang putih going to her fathers room she founded him dead, she started to cry, then ger step mom and her step sister came and pretend doesnt know anything. Aftee her father died her step mother and step sister being mean to hear. Someday, she has to clean clothes in the river and she founds a golden fish and its actually is a prince then they mariid her step mother and sister say sorry to them

13. 1. Negara Indonesia merupakan satu kesatuan untuh dari Sabang sampai Merauke, karena bentuk negara Indonesia adalah . . . A. Kesatuan B. Republik C. Presidensial D. Demokratis 2. Tujuan Negara Indonesia terdapat pada pembukaan UUD 1945 tepatnya pada alenia (paragraf) ke . . . . A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 3. Merah putih adalah bendera resmi Negara Indonesia, makna warna merah putih adalah . . . . A. Merah = berani; putih = suci B. Merah = darah; putih = tulang C. Merah = marah; putih = tenang D. Merah = api; putih = air 4. Indonesia terdiri dari berbagai suku, adat, budaya, bahasa daerah yang disatukan dengan semboyan Negara Indonesia yaitu . . . A. Maju terus pantang mundur B. Bersatu kita teguh bercerai kita teguh C. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika D. Ing Ngarso Sung Tulodo 5. Setiap atlet Indonesia memenangkan petandingan di tingkat internasional dikumandangkan lagu Indonesia Raya, karena lagu Indonesia Raya adalah lagu . . . . A. Wajib B. Daerah C. Kebangsaan D. Pop 6. Sistem pemerintahan Negara Indonesia adalah presidesial, maka Negara Indonesia dipimpin oleh seorang . . . . A. Presiden B. Perdana Menteri C. Raja D. Sultan 7. Kita sering men
dengar teriakkan “NKRI harga mati!”, singkatan dari NKRI adalah . . . . A. Negara Kepulauan Republik Indonesia B. Negara Kerajaan Republik Indonesia C. Negara Kesatuan Rakyat Indonesia D. Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia 8. Bonar berasal dari Tapanuli dan Daeng berasal dari Bugis, namun mereka bisa berkomunikasi dengan mudah, karena Indonesia memiliki Bahasa Persatuan, yaitu bahasa . . . . A. Inggris B. Melayu C. Asia D. Indonesia 9. Kedaulatan negara berada di tangan rakyat, yang merupakan cerminan bahwa negara Indonesia mempunyai bentuk pemerintahan . . . . A. Monarki B. Presidensial C. Kesatuan D. Republik 10. Pada waktu upacara hari Senin, seluruh warga sekolah melakukan hormat bendera. Berikut yang bukan merupakan makna dari hormat kepada bendera Merah Putih . . . . A. Cinta tanah air B. Nasionalisme C. Persatuan D. Penyembahan 11. Berikut merupakan keragaman bangsa Indonesia, kecuali . . . . A. Rumah Adat B. Bahasa Daerah C. Suku D. Dasar negara 12. Sikap yang sesuai dengan pengamalan Pancasila yang dilambangkan dengan gambar tersebut adalah … Captionless Image A. musyawarah B. gotong-royong C. berperikemanusiaan D. rajin beribadah 13. Berikut yang bukan termasuk sikap dan perilaku sehari-hari di lingkungan masyarakat, yaitu . . . . A. Tidak mengganggu ibadah orang lain B. Menaati tata tertib sekolah C. Menghargai hak dan kewajiban orang lain D. Melakukan kegiatan gotong royong 14. Berikut contoh kegiatan yang mencerminkan sila keempat dalam lingkungan masyarakat yaitu … A. melaksanakan kerja bakti sosial B. melaksanakan pemilihan ketua RW C. membantu warga yang tidak mampu D. melaksanakan pembangunan rumah ibadah 15. Berikut termasuk perilaku yang sesuai dengan pengamalan sila-sila Pancasila di rumah, kecuali … A. mendengarkan dan melaksanakan nasihat orang tua B. melaksanakan aturan di rumah dengan baik C. menyayangi adik dan kakak D. Melaksanan piket membersihkan kelas 16. Orang tua Ana mempunyai kantin di sekolah, Ana selalu membantu Orang tuanya menata dagangan setelah pelajaran di sekolahnya selesai. Ana rajin dan dengan senang hati melakukan kewajibannya itu. Dari cerita tersebut menunjukkan bahwa Ana telah melakukan kewajiban sebagai . . . . A. Warga Negara B. Warga Sekolah C. Anggota Keluarga D. Anggota Masyarakat 17. Indonesia sedang dilanda wabah virus Corona-19, sikap yang tidak perlu kita lakukan untuk berpartisipasi dalam pencegahan penyebaran virus Corona-19 adalah . . . . A. Mematuhi protokol kesehatan B. Mengunjugi saudara yang dinyatakan positif Covid-19 C. Memberi batuan materil maupun spiritual kepada yang sedang isolasi mandiri D. Menjaga kesehatan, makan, tidur, dan olah raga teratur 18. Penyataan tentang protokol kesehatan yang sesuai dengan nilai-nilai Pancasila adalah . . . . A. Mengabaikan protokol kesehatan akan membahayakan diri sendiri maupun orang lain B. Mematuhi atau mengabaikan prokes menjadi hak asasi masing-masing anggota masyarakat C. Kita harus menghargai pendapat orang lain yang mengabaikan protokol kesehatan D. Mematuhi protokol kesehatan itu mengganggu aktivitas masyarakat 19. Dampak yang akan terjadi dari perilaku seperti gambar tersebut adalah … Captionless Image A. kotor dan bau B. bersih dan nyaman C. udara segar D. sehat dan bersih 20. Kegiatan hari pertama masuk sekolah, kelas Zahra melaksanakan pemilihan ketua kelas. Kegiatan pemilihan ketua kelas merupakan cerminan pengamalan Pancasila dari sila … A. Pertama B. Kedua C. Ketiga D. Keempat

























1. A

2. D

3. A

4. C

5. C

6. A

7. D

8. D

9. C

10. A

11. B

12. A

13. B

14. C

15. D

16. C

17. A

18. A



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