Cerita Masa Kecil Dalam Bahasa Inggris Dan Terjemahannya

Cerita Masa Kecil Dalam Bahasa Inggris Dan Terjemahannya

ceritakan masa kecil dalam bahasa Inggris yang singkat dan terjemahan​

1. ceritakan masa kecil dalam bahasa Inggris yang singkat dan terjemahan​


Childhood experience when playing hide and seek

This game is really fun. One person who becomes a guard, closes his eyes or faces the wall. Waiting for another friend to hide while counting to ten. After counting, then the guard looks for his friend who is hiding.

There are things that I can’t forget when playing, at that time eight people who played, I became his guardian, during the game there was a friend who could not be found, whether where he was hiding, he certainly was not found.

Some time later I and other friends tried to visit my friend’s house that was not found. When in front of his house, his mother happened to come out, I immediately asked.

It turns out that his mother said he was sleeping, when he got home he said he was sleepy, then went to sleep. My friend told everything to her mother with a little annoyed, because all my friends come looking for her too, then her mother laughed softly and apologized for her funny behavior. Yes the name is also a child.


Pengalaman masa kecil saat main petak umpet

Permainan yang ini memang sangat menyenangkan. Satu orang yang menjadi penjaga, menutup matanya atau menghadap ke tembok. Menunggu teman yang lain untuk bersembunyi sambil berhitung sampai sepuluh. Setelah selesai menghitung, baru si penjaga ini mencari kawannya yang bersembunyi .

Ada hal yang gak bisa saya lupakan pada saat bermain, waktu itu delapan orang yang bermain, saya me
njadi penjaganya, pada saat permainan berlangsung ada satu teman yang gak bisa ditemukan, entah dimna dia bersembunyi, yang pasti dia tidak ditemukan.

Beberapa lama kemudian saya dan teman-teman yang lainnya mencoba mengunjungi rumah teman saya yang gak ditemukan itu. Pas didepan rumahnya kebetulan ibunya keluar, saya langsung menanyakannya.

Ternyata ibunya bilang sedang tidur, tadi pas pulang katanya ngantuk, lalu langsung tidur. Teman saya menceritakan semuanya pada ibunya dengan sedik kesal, karna semua teman saya ikut mencarinya juga, lalu ibunya tertawa pelan dan meminta maaf atas kelakuan anaknya yang lucu. Ya namanya juga anak kecil.

2. buat cerita pasa masa lampau dan terjemahan bahasa inggris

I went to Singapore with my family during a school holiday a few years ago. it was getting dark, so we were looking for hotel. Then we came upon two hotels next to each other with vacancies. we just randomly choose one and stayed there for the night. we felt tired. But, the next day we went around to the different places. I was so happy. it was an experience that I will never forget.

Aku pergi ke Singapura dengan keluargaku selama liburan sekolah beberapa tahun yang lalu. hari semakin gelap, jadi kami sedang mencari untuk hotel.
Kemudian kami tiba di dua hotel yg bersebelahan dengan kosong. kami hanya memilih secara acak salah satu dan tinggal di sana selama semalaman. kami merasa lelah. Tapi, hari berikutnya kami pergi berkeliling ke tempat-tempat yang berbeda. aku sangat senang. Ini adalah pengalaman yang tidak akan aku lupakan.

3. cerita masa smp menggunakan bahasa inggris dan terjemahan nya

Time open enrollment high school I enrolled in high school, test time in high school, I did not study at all. mos and at any time has arrived I berngkat using equipment specified by the class brothers. At the moment I’m feeling very happy Mos brothers class as well, the time has passed p-mos embagian class arrived. X3 I go to class. I’m happy because I have a friend in this class.

Ea point I’m happy. School in SMA N was very enjoyable and I started to follow extracurricular sisplam. The first time I left I was told to meet in front of extracurricular seniors and other friends, I finally met.

Novitasari my name, address Srimulyo I used it in smp-1 smp islam, and brother joined her class asked what the reason sispelam. I replied because I wanted to know nature more closely sister. Then his sister said he wanted to know where the universe even further up. I was silent. Sister say why say anything, answered …!

Hemz … her brother was angry and I was told to go back to the line I was. Finally I walked into barisanku. There are already a few weeks of training were very pleasant and annoying. Hemz … the fun we could have together with my friends, who was told creeping dilumpur sucks. But even sucks I keep the spirit and happy because there are seniors that I liked, so I was always dirty and tired spirit although I keep the spirit.

And finally sent to school after a bath and a shower we disuuruh gathered in the field and there we were told to eat with friends face to face. Dann finished eating I told my friends gathered in the field and there liver basket I was excited because it was told to eat worms. And after that line at that time distribution of scarves. After the division of scarves we pray before going home.

After one week later we set off again and there sister invites her class to camp in betung and 2nd inauguration. I finally said to the parents, and finally I was allowed parents to come camping on Mount betung. At home I prepare the equipment that must be taken. Once done I sleep to prepare for the trip, I also went to school together father escorted me. School until the car is yet to come. Upperclassmen give direction and the car came.

We entered kemobil and his friends. Somewhere along the way my head feels dizzy but I keep the spirit and the car was stopped. I think it is up but it’s not. I and my friends were told to get out of the car and told the approximately 20km up the mountain betung.

I’m half way through strong feeling tired and not up anymore but I tried to climb up on the street and I met ranjer carrying goods only. Up top we rested for a while after that me and my friends set up the place. Evening arrived, we turn on the fire. There I heard the sound of the flare-no here. And I saw the animal whose name leeches and no other animals. Already too late and I finally slept until morning.

We wake up and wash my face, because we cook bangget cold water to make hot drinks. After that we cook the noodles. After that we exercise together. After that I and other friends who dismantle their tents. After that we were told to clean up camp right that we use.

After that we were told to gather together and pray for the return. After that we walk to get home. When I walk and my ex and I disamperin there we talked ehh … I even brought former goods I got the mosque. We lie down until the car came, and finally the car came. Our car ride to go home. I finally got home very happy because I could see my parents again.

4. Quotes masa depan ( terjemahan dalam bahasa inggris ) ​

Quotes our future

Semoga membantu


yg mana yg di terjemahkan yg quotes masa depan?


quotes masa depan= future quotes

maaf kalo salah

5. cerita dongeng dan terjemahannya dalam bahasa Inggris ​


bisa di cari di google ka..ada ko apa mau aku ss??,kalo nulis kepanjangan

6. Amanat cerita sangkuriang dalam bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

Lessons can be learned from the story the legend of legend of Tangkuban Perahu is never undermine the trust given, especially with how to kill his faithful that continues to accompany private interests to be sacrificed. Sangkuriang is an example that should not be imitated, his heart, his mother’s wrath get reply. Although the messages are conveyed from the legend of Tangkuban Perahu is senangkan one of your parents is a good way and not contrary to the prevailing norms and valuesAnswer:
The messages of sangkuriang’s story are :
=> Must think first before doing something
=> Do not ask for help other than god like asking for help to the genie.
=> Should not fall in love with our mother all the same because it is against the law of religion.
=> Do not feel the most powerful and powerful so underestimate everything.
=> Must love and care for all animals lovingly because they are god’s creation as well.


7. cerita singkat rapunzel dalam bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya​


A queen was pregnant, but she was very ill. The king and the knights went to find something to help the queen feel better. Then, they came across a flower that glowed very bright. The flower was used by a witch to be young. When she heard the sounds of the king and knights, she went to hide. The king and the knights took the flower back home. The witch knew what the king did and was furious, and started to find the flower. The queen felt better, and soon a baby girl was born. The child was born witht a glowing and magical hair. One night, the witch steals it away and names her Rapunzel after the rampion. Rapunzel is incredibly beautiful, so when Rapunzel turns 12 y
ears old, the witch locks her away in a tower in the middle of the wood with no way in or out except for a very small window at the top. The witch would visit everyday and would call up to Rapunzel, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair,” where she would reluctantly do so. Eventually a Prince heard her signing from the window, and fell in love.

8. buatlah cerita pengalaman di masa lalu menggunakan bahasa inggris? beserta terjemahan bahasa indonesia tolong dibantu kak​

When i was in grade 10 i had an english lesson and it was pretty fun because our teacher was nice and gave us lots of games to do, like speaking class, definitely it helps us to improve our speaking skill. Unfortunately, due to covid 19, we continued our study online through zoom meeting, it was sad bcs we couldnt see each other.

9. buatlah cerita masa lampau dalam bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya minimal 3 paragraf pendek​

Jawaban:semoga membantu yaa:)


                           Wonderful Holiday in the Vegetable Farm

        When I was a fifth grader, I spent my school holiday in my grandfather’s house.  His house was so far away from the city and close to the vegetables farms. My grandfather and grandmother lived there as farmers.  I spent three days there and I did many new things. I helped my grandpa planted vegetables.

        In the first day, I learned how to plant spinach and cabbage. I moved out the young spinach and cabbage from the seeding area to the plantation area.  I thought it was easy, but in fact, it was tiring. I had to move those one by one under the sun. I did that for several hours before lunch and continued until afternoon.  In the night, I was really tired then I fell asleep right after dinner.  I woke up late the next morning. My grandma knocked at my door over and over until I heard her call. She smiled at me, she said I must be exhausted but what I did was not hard actually if it was compared with the real farmer works.  The second day, I followed my grandpa went to the field.  We did daily treatment for the 1 month age spinach and cabbage. We gave them enough water and nutrition and also checked if there were any caterpillars and grasshoppers.  It was so fun. I learned that it was not easy to grow vegetables. Since then, I love to eat vegetables.

        In the third day, I had to go back home. I was sad that I had to leave my grandmother and grandfather. I enjoyed spending time with them and did interesting things in the farm. But, that was fine because I could always go there and see them again in my holidays and learn many more new things in the farm.


                                    Liburan Indah di Kebun Sayuran

          Ketika saya duduk di kelas lima, saya menghabiskan liburan sekolah di rumah kakek saya.  Rumahnya sangat jauh dari kota dan dekat dengan lahan pertanian sayuran. Kakek dan nenek saya tinggal di sana sebagai petani.  Saya menghabiskan tiga hari di sana dan saya melakukan banyak hal baru. Saya membantu kakek saya menanam sayuran.

          Di hari pertama, saya belajar menanam bayam dan kol. Saya memindahkan bibit bayam dan kubis dari area pembenihan ke area perkebunan.  Saya pikir itu mudah, tetapi kenyataannya, itu melelahkan. Saya harus memindahkan mereka satu per satu di bawah panas matahari. Saya melakukan itu selama beberapa jam sebelum makan siang dan berlanjut sampai sore.  Di malam hari, saya benar-benar lelah lalu tertidur tepat setelah makan malam.  Saya bangun terlambat keesokan paginya. Nenek saya mengetuk pintu saya berulang-ulang sampai saya mendengar panggilannya. Dia tersenyum kepada saya, dia berkata saya pasti kelelahan tetapi apa yang saya lakukan sebenarnya tidak terlalu keras jika dibandingkan dengan pekerjaan petani yang sebenarnya.  Hari kedua, saya mengikuti kakek saya pergi ke kebun.  Kami melakukan perawatan harian untuk bayam dan kubis usia 1 bulan. Kami memberi mereka cukup air dan nutrisi dan juga memeriksa apakah ada ulat dan belalang.  Itu sangat menyenangkan.  Saya belajar bahwa tidak mudah menanam sayuran. Sejak saat itu, saya suka makan sayur.

         Di hari ketiga, saya harus pulang. Saya sedih harus meninggalkan nenek dan kakek saya. Saya menikmati menghabiskan waktu bersama mereka dan melakukan hal-hal menarik di pertanian. Tapi, itu tidak apa-apa karena saya selalu bisa pergi ke sana dan bertemu mereka lagi di liburan saya dan belajar banyak hal baru di pertanian.

Semoga jawaban ini membantu ya.

10. cerita liburan singkat bahasa inggris dan terjemahan

one day, i and my sister go to selayar island and husband my sisters go with we.

and we go sunday and we very happy

11. menceritakan tentang supermarket dalam bahasa Inggris dan terjemahannya

They cached all the oil; they got all the money; but health cannot be bought at the supermarket. Mereka punya banyak minyak, mereka punya banyak uang, tapi kesehatan tak dapat dibeli di supermarket.

And so CarderPlanet became a sort of supermarket for cybercriminals. CarderPlanet menjadi supermarket para penjahat cyber.

It’s not just that gyre of plastic that I’m concerned about — it’s the gyre of plastic in the supermarket. Bukan hanya pilinan plastik saja yang saya risaukan, tapi juga pilinan plastik di supermarket.

She was at the queue of the supermarket. Beliau sedang mengantri di supermarket.

You may of heard of it — heard it called StarLink, especially when all those taco shells were taken out of the supermarkets about a year and a half ago. terutama saat semua taco kerang ditarik dari supermarket sekitar satu setengah tahun yang lalu.

And when you go into the supermarket, you certainly don’t see a lot of choices there. You see apples that are red, yellow, and green and that’s about it. Dan ketika pergi ke supermarket, Anda tidak melihat banyak pilihan di sana. Anda lihat apel berwarna merah, kuning, dan hijau. Sampai di situ saja.

And before you get too worried about it, here in the United States, the majority of food you buy in the supermarket already has genetically-modified components to it. Dan sebelum Anda menjadi terlalu khawatir akan hal itu, di Amerika Serikat, kebanyakan makanan yang Anda beli di supermarket telah memiliki komponen yang diubah secara genetis.

12. terjemahan ke bahasa Inggris saya akan bercerita tentang​

Jawaban: I will be talking about.

Semoga membantu! 🙂

Terjemahan: I shall tell a story about..

Maaf Kalo Salah. Semoga Bermanfaat dan Membantu.

13. cerita fiksi bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya< /h2>
The goose with the golden eggs

Once upon a time, a man and his wife had the good fortune to have a goose which laid a golden egg every day. Lucky though they were, they soon began to think they were not getting rich fast enough.

They imagined that if the bird must be able to lay golden eggs, its insides must be made of gold. And they thought that if they could get all that precious metal at once, they would get mighty rich very soon. So the man and his wife decided to kill the bird.

However, upon cutting the goose open, they were shocked to find that its innards were like that of any other goose!



Suatu hari, seorang pria dan istrinya memiliki nasib baik untuk memiliki angsa yang menetaskan  telur emas setiap hari. Beruntung meskipun mereka,mereka segera berpikir mereka tidak cukup cepatkaya.

Mereka membayangkan bahwa jika burung  mampubertelur emas, bagian dalamnya pasti terbuat dari emas. Dan mereka berpikir bahwa jika mereka bisamendapatkan semua  logam mulia sekaligus,mereka akan segera mendapatkan kekayaan Jadipria dan istrinya memutuskan untuk membunuhangsa tersebut.

Angsa dengan Telur Emas bagaimanapun, setelahmemotong angsa secara terbuka, mereka terkejut karena menemukan bahwa jeroan nya sama saja dengan angsa lainya.

14. cerita fabel dalam bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya


Once upon a time, a Rabbit wanted to cross a river, but he could not swim. He had an idea, he saw a boss of Crocodiles swimming in the river. The Rabbit asked he cross of crocodile.

“how many crocodile are there in the river?” the boss of crocodile answered, “we are twenty here”.

“where are they?”the Rabbit asked for the second time. “what is it for?” the boss crocodile asked.

“all of you are good, gentle and kind, so I want to make a line in order. Later, I will know how kind you are,” said the Rabbit.

Then the boss of the Crocodiles called all his friend an asked then to make a line in order from one side to the order side of the river. Fust then, the Rabbit started to count while jumping from one crocodile to another: one…two… three… four…until twenty. And finally, he thanked all Crocodiles because he had crossed the river.

In the fable we can find massage is, before act, we think to do first, so that we can finish the difficult problem.


Pada suatu hari, seekor Kelinci akan menyeberangi sungai, tapi ia tidak bisa berenang. Dia mempunyai suatu ide. Dia memanggil kepala Buaya yang sedang berenang di sungai. Kelinci bertanya kepada kepala Buaya.

“berapa banyak Buaya disungai ini?”. Kepala Buaya menjawab “kami disini ada dua puluh.”

“dimana mereka?”. Kelinci bertanya untuk keberapa waktu. “untuk apa itu?” kepala Buaya bertanya.

“kamu semua baik, jadi saya mau kalian berbaris secara teratur”.

Kepala Buaya memanggil semua temannya dan berbaris secara teratur. Lalu Kelinci memulai hitungannya dengan meloncat dari satu Buaya ke Buaya yang lain: satu…dua….tiga…empat…sampai dua puluh, dan akhirnya dia berterimakasih ke semua Buaya  karena ia bisa  menyeberangi sungai.

15. cerita bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya tentang rawa


One day, a little boy who was hungry came to a small village. The boy was very poor. He did not have anything in this world. The little boy knocked on every door in the village and asked some food for him. However, nobody cared to him. Even not a single person in the village wanted to help the poor boy.

But suddenly, there came an old woman who was kind. She gave that poor little boy a few meals. And then the little boy ate the food given by the old woman. When he wanted to go, he gave the old woman “Lesung”, a large wooden mortar for pounding rice. Afterwards, the poor little boy continued his way. While he was passing through the village, he saw many people gathered in the field and had a big party there. He went to the celebration and asked for food to the host. However, he was expelled by the host. All the people there were laughing at him and stoned him. The poor little child went with anger. Then he plugged a stick into the ground in the village. He told everyone there that there will no one could revoke the stick from the ground because all the villagers were arrogant. Hearing the words of the little boy, everyone in the village was trying to pull the stick out of the ground. One by one the villagers tried even the entire villages including small children came to the place but they failed. The villagers began to surrender. They accused the child as a witch who had the power of evil and asked the little boy to pull out a stick stuck in the ground.

Then the little boy tried to pull back the stick that had he plugged into the ground. The crowd was laughing and taunting the boy. When the boy revoked the sticks, everyone who was there shocked. Suddenly, the hole left by the stick issued water. The water did not stop flowing and flooding the village. All the people who were there drowned. There were no survived from the water except an old woman who gave the little boy meal. The old woman used mortar given by the child as boats. Finally the whole village turned into a large lake known as Rawa Pening.


Pada suatu hari, seorang anak kecil yang kelaparan datang ke sebuah desa kecil. Anak itu sangat malang. Dia tak memeiliki siapa-siapa di dunia ini. Anak kecil itu mengetuk setiap pintu yang ada di desa dan meminta beberapa makanan untuknya, tapi tak ada yang peduli dengan dirinya. Tak satupun orang di desa itu membantu anak kecil yang malang itu.

Namun tiba-tiba datanglah seorang wanita tua yang baik hati. Dia memberi anak kecil yang malang itu beberapa makan. Kemudian anak kecil itu memakan makanan pemberian nenek tua itu. Ketika anak itu ingin pergi, dia memberi nenek itu “lesung”, sebuah mortir kayu besar untuk menumbuk padi. Anak kecil malang itu pun melanjutkan perjalanannya. Sementara ia melewati desa, ia melihat banyak orang berkumpul di lapangan. Dia pun mendatangi perayaan itu dan meminta makanan kepada sang tuan rumah. Namun, dia malah diusir oleh sang tuan rumah. Semua orang yang hadir di sana pun menertawakannya dan melemparinya dengan batu. Anak kecil yang malang itu pergi dengan rasa marah. Kemudian dia menancapkan sebuah lidi ke dalam tanah desa itu. Dia berkata kepada semua orang yang ada bahwa tak ada satupun yang bisa mencabut lidi itu dari tanah karena semua penduduk desa itu sombong. Mendengar perkataan anak kecil itu, semua orang di desa itu mencoba untuk menarik lidi itu keluar dari tanah. Satu persatu penduduk desa mencobanya bahkan seluruh penduduk desa termasuk anak-anak kecil datang ke tempat itu mencobanya dan gagal. Penduduk kampung pun mulai menyerah. Mereka menuduh anak itu seorang penyihir yang mempunyai kekuatan jahat dan meminta anak kecil itu untuk mencabut lidi yang tertancap di tanah.

Lalu anak kecil itu mencoba menarik kembali lidi yang telah ia tancapkan ke dalam tanah. Kerumunan orang-orang itu tertawa mengejek anak itu. Namun ketika anak itu mencabut lidi tersebut, semua orang yang ada di sana kaget. Tiba-tiba, dari lubang yang ditinggalkan oleh tongkat menyembura air. Air itu tidak berhenti mengalir dan membanjiri desa. Semua orang yang berada di sana pun tenggelam. tidak ada yang selamat kecuali wanita tua dermawan yang memberinya makan. wanita tua itu menggunakan lesung pemberian anak itu sebagai perahu. Akhirnya seluruh desa menjadi danau besar yang dikenal sebagai Danau Rawa Pening.

16. membuat cerita pengalaman dalam bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya

On vacation to the zoo Every day of the week me and my family always go to the way, and this week me and my family to go into the garden stars.<br />There I am very happy with the animal animals there because of their adorable there I met with the deer, the horse, tiger, elephant, birds, snakes, and much more. I really enjoyed it me.<br />Suppose I can be here every day Pasti me happy

Setiap hari minggu saya dan keluarga saya selalu pergi untuk jalan jalan, dan minggu ini saya dan keluarga saya pergi ke ke kebun bintang.
Disana saya sangat senang dengan hewan hewan disana karena mereka menggemaskan disana saya bertemu dengan rusa,kuda,harimau,gajah,burung,ular,dan masih banyak lagi. saya sangat menikmatinya saya.
Andaikan saya dapat ke sini setiap hari Pasti saya senang sekali

17. Buatlah cerita masa kecil menggunakan past tense dengan bahasa Inggris dan terjemahan nya ​

When it’s the last of December 2018, I hoped that there Will be fireworks that night, then, my uncle said there’sthere’sthere’s astaghfirullahnapasihinikeyboard

18. Menceritakan menang dalam bahasa Inggris dan terjemahan


we must study to we winner

19. buatlah cerita masa lampau dalam bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya minimal 3 paragrafplisss dijawab​


During my last holiday, I made a lot of handcrafts. At that time, I was crazy about art and creativity. Many ideas had come to my mind three months before. All of the ideas were written on my note book so I could read them again. Also, I searched other ideas from internet. Yap, I googled it. I watched tutorial videos and read many art blogs.

My parents helped me to prepare the materials. They also gave me money to buy things I needed. On the first day, I painted on some rocks. People call it rock art. It was so fun. My siblings joined me on the third day. Then, my siblings and I made paper crafts from used newspapers and magazines. Papers were rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs. Many beautiful crafts were created.

The last activity was sewing. My mother is a tailor so I learn how to sew from her. My mother helped me too. Sewing used clothes and towels was very fun. We produced many useful things. Finally, I really enjoyed my last holiday.


Selama liburan yang lalu, saya membuat banyak kerajinan tangan. Saat itu, saya tergila-gila dengan seni dan kreativitas. Banyak ide muncul di benak saya tiga bulan sebelumnya. Semua ide itu ditulis dalam buku catatan sehingga saya bisa membacanya lagi. Selain itu, saya mencari ide lain dari internet. Yap, saya menggunakan google. Saya menonton video tutorial dan membaca banyak blog tentang seni.

Ayah-ibu membantu saya menyiapkan materi. Mereka juga memberi saya uang untuk membeli barang-barang yang saya butuhkan. Pada hari pertama, saya melukis pada beberapa batu. Orang menyebutnya seni batu. Kegiatan itu sangat menyenangkan. Saudara-saudara saya bergabung pada hari ketiga. Kemudian, kami membuat kerajinan kertas dari koran bekas dan majalah. Kertas-kertas itu digulung, dibentuk dan direkatkan untuk membuat desain yang cantik. Banyak kerajinan indah diciptakan.

Kegiatan terakhir adalah menjahit. Ibu saya adalah penjahit jadi saya belajar menjahit darinya. Ibu juga membantu saya. Menjahit pakaian bekas dan handuk sangat menyenangkan. Kami menghasilkan banyak barang bermanfaat. Akhirnya, saya sangat menikmati liburan lalu.

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