Cerita Liburan Ke Rumah Nenek Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Cerita Liburan Ke Rumah Nenek Dalam Bahasa Inggris

contoh cerita liburan di rumah nenek dengan bahasa inggris

Daftar Isi

1. contoh cerita liburan di rumah nenek dengan bahasa inggris

On Sunday, my family and i on vacation to grandma’s home. We spent almost two hours to get home grandmother. But, during the two-hour trip so enjoyable. Because i could see the beautiful scenery on the go grandma’s home.
Until there, we exchanged missed. And talking about anything. About my mother, my father, and me. After it, grandmother invited me and the family to see to a race that happined taking place in his village this afternoon. It so glad !
Afternoon, at 04.00, we to go home. Vacation home grandmother this time was so enjoyable vacation.

2. carikan cerita liburan ke rumah nenek dalam bahasa inggris

Last week I went to my grandma’s house in Cianjur for a vacation, it was really fun! when we were on the way to grandma’s we ran out of gas but then a nobble man help us carry our car with his tow truck to the gas station, he was very kind! we thanked him for that then, we continued our way to grandma’s and we finally arrived. At grandma’s, she makes rendang, telor balado, and much more! after that we were having a family time. five days later we decided to go home. and that’s for all, folks..thankyou for listening

3. buatkan cerita libu
ran kerumah nenek dan kakek , dalam bahasa inggris

Last year ago, I went to my grandmother house. I felt so happy and I think that was the best day ever in my life.
Vacation to Home Grandpa and Grandma
Vacation to Home Grandpa and Grandma

Vacation to Home Grandpa and Grandma

2 semester break , Mr. Arif , Miss Daisy , brother Rio and Lisa wanted a vacation . Rio is a brother sister Lisa . Kak Rio had grade 3 junior , age was 16 years . Lisa , sister Kak Rio 4th grade , age 10 years . Mr. Arif worked as a doctor , Mrs. Desi as a kindergarten teacher .

They lived in the village of Joy , Hamlet Cambodia , RT 01 , RW 31 , Jalan Anggrek . Their house though small and petite , but the home page and the room in the house clean and very tidy .

Vacation at this time, they will visit is the home of their own grandparents . Great grandmother’s house and beautiful . Neat once anyway . It is in the village of Suka Maju , Hamlet Pari , RT 10 , RW 23 , Gladiolus Road .

They wanted to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house . They are getting ready . Also bring food for lunch . PakArif was driving . They set off cheerfully . When traveling , Mr. Arif suddenly stop the car . Mr. Arif want to buy food for a gift that will be given to grandma and grandpa .

” Why, why did you stop the car ? ” Asked Mrs. Desi .
” Dad wants to buy a gift for grandma , ” replied Mr. Arif .

After buying souvenirs , Mr. Arif went on that trip .
Having arrived at Grandma and Grandpa , Lisa grandparents hugged tightly . So even with Kak Rio .

” How’s it going , ma’am , sir ,” asked Mr. Arif .
” Alright my son” the grandmother and grandfather .

After that , Lisa invited her grandmother to make fruit soup . There pineapple , jackfruit , melon , papaya and watermelon . There are liquid milk , coconut milk and syrup . Having finished his soup , they ate with great gusto . Because very thirsty .

” Hmm , artificial fruit soup delicious granny yes , ” said Lisa with a thumbs-up .
” Thank you for my granddaughter , Lisa is the most beautiful , ” said Lisa’s grandmother as she stroked the hair .

When finished eating fruit soup , Mr. Arif and Mrs. Desi slept in the room . While Kak Rio and Lisa were watching television .
Once satisfied watching television , they play in their rooms . Kak Rio playing playstation while playing Lisa computer .
Once satisfied playing , they were invited to the streets by Mrs. Desi . The roads to the beach , to the pool after it’s immense .

” Kak Rio , Lisa , come together . We want to walk to the beach and after the beach to take a walk to the pool ! “Cried Miss Daisy .
 ” Oh yes , really exciting tuh I want to come , ” said Lisa .

They left feeling very happy . Lisa was while singing because it is very happy.
When traveling , Lisa still continued to sing . Arriving at the beach , they immediately replace their clothes . Kak Rio and Lisa making sand castles . After that they take pictures near the sand castle . Once satisfied , they went to the pool .

They return home .

After saying goodbye to grandma and grandpa , they go home . They stopped at a restaurant , after that trip again while singing cheerfully . They were glad to get home .


4. Tolong buatkan cerita berlibur ke rumah nenek lalu ke pantai bira dalam bahasa inggris

Last Week I went to grandmother house its really exciting to met grandmother
The location of the Grandma House its really near with the beach the name of the beach is Bira Beach. In a Next day I went to the beach the sunset of the beach its really awesome after we stayed in Hotel near that beach finally we went back to homego to Grandma’s House on my school holiday time and family went on vacation to Grandma’s House I set off from home at 06.00 in the morning using a private car in our family trip enjoy views of the surrounding trngah in the way I look at a lot of rice field in tumbuhi by a sniper, rice, our family, enjoy the trip arriving at Grandma’s House we rested, direct, our rest, after the invite fishing by Grandpa and we catch some big fish after that we took home and We bake fish with family, her day, the next we’re picking fruit in by Grandma, we reap the fruits, such as grapes, citrus, mango, strawberry, and lengkeng … in our gardens were very cheerfully his tinkering after the day our family was late afternoon return back to Grandma’s House could not be any holiday day will end up, its on the, we are getting ready to go home to his family in jakarta was very sad that we will part with Grandma and Grandpa ,,, and we will certainly miss my grandmother and grandfather … a holiday this time around is a very enjoyable holiday and very difficult to forget,,,, last day
we going beach.

5. Dialog bahasa inggris tentang berlibur di rumah nenek

Arjun:hello.Ass. Nakul:hi wass.Who R U? Arjun:it’s me!Arjun. Nakul:oh hi Arjun.Hey,where R U?yesterday i came to your house but nothing someone in house. Arjun:oh,i’m sorry,3days ago i went to my grandma’s house for holiday. Nakul:oh,what do you feel about your holiday? Arjun:i feel it fantastic,b’cause the panorama is awesome. Nakula:I hope you are enjoy about your holiday. Arjun:thank you Nakul,U R my bestfriend! Nakul:you too,Arjun.Bye.. Arjun:bye.. #KalauSalahMaaf#mogaBermanfaat

6. tolong buatkan cerita liburan berkunjung ke rumah nenek di jombang dalam bahasa inggris

One day, my mother asked me to go to grandmother’s house. Her house is nearby Jombang. I thought for a while, and i decided to deal with, because i was in my holiday. It’s been 2 years, and for long times i haven’t visited grandma’s house. So, i thought it would be pretty interesting since i missed the condition around grandma’s house. I used to ride by car, so i will have reached the place quickly by then. Afterward, i reached the place, and saw my grandma was waiting for us. Then, i went to my grandma and asked how was she, and she answered that she was okay as long as my aunt taking care of her. In my grandma’s house, i got so many foods there, because my grandma is good at cooking. She said that i can live there, then i can taste her foods for every single day as much as i want. But, i think i can’t take the opportunity, because i still think about my parents. 
I stayed about 2 days, but i still wanted to staying there more thank 2 days. or forever. But school just haunted my holiday, so i have to go back to home quickly. 

in the new year I went to jombang time that I play to my grandmother’s house to stay at my grandmother’s house one week. Also do not forget to buy by the grandmother and weekly, I go home and I go home bought by the family at home and I am happy to spend my time at home grandmother in Jombang

7. cerita berlibur ke rumah nenek dalam bahasa indones ia

saat itu saya berlibur ke rumah nenek saya,tepat di bawah kaki bukit,disana udara nya sangat segar,dingin&sejuk,pemandangan nya juga sangat indah,panorama mentari menghiasi indahnya bukit di pagi hari,suara burung” kecil bernyanyi dengan sangat merdu,setiap pagi saya pergi ke kebun teh,untuk keliling” melihat-lihat petani kebun menanam teh,saat pagi hari tumbuhan teh nya sangat menyejukan hati,warna yang hijau,dan di basahi embun pagi hari,membuat hati ini rindu dgn rumah nenek.

Nama : Silva
Asal : Bali
Negara : Indonesia
apabila ada kesalahan tulisan&kata-kata mohon di maafkan.

8. Bu
atlah cerita ” Liburan Ke Rumah Nenek “, dalam Bahasa Jawa !.

Aku wingi lungo ing omahe simbah. Simbahku kuwi urip ing ndeso. Hawa ing kono seger banget. Aku menek wit peleme simbah. Wohe nyenengke, akeh banget lan gedhe-gedhe. Aku seneng dolan ing simbah. Mengko nek prei, aku arep dolan kono maneh.
kula wingi pas liburan ten nderek e pun embah. Kula seneng banget amarga akeh pengalaman seng tak senengi.kula  bisa belajar nanam tanaman seng endah banget. pengalaman iki gak bisa tak lalek ake

9. cerita liburan ke rumah nenek dalam bahasa sunda​

jadiin jawaban tercerdas yh

10. cerita panjang berlibur kerumah nenek dalam bahasa inggris beserta artinya

long story vacation to grandma’s house

11. Tolong buatkan 1 cerita tentang liburan bahasa inggris menggunakan verb 2..tpi klo bisa ceritanya liburan dirumah nenek:) dan artinya 🙂

last week i was get an holiday on my grandma house in there we had family gathering and we do somthing fun like swiming and play with my brother and sister , it was my great holiday i had and i want back to grandma house again when its holiday time again .

kemarin saat liburan aku berkunjung kerumah nenek , disana aku melakukan pertemuan keluarga dan kami melakukan sesuatu yang menyenangkan misanya berenang dan bermain dengan saudara saudara ku , itu merupakan liburan yang paling menyenangkkan bagiku , aku berharap dapat ke rumah nenek lagi saat liburan nanti.

12. berikan contoh cerita pendek pengalaman senang ketika berlibur kerumah nenek dalam bahasa inggris dan artinya

Recount text adalah teks yang menceritakan pengalaman penulis di waktu lampau. Untuk menceritakan pengalaman di waktu lampau, tense yang digunakan adalah past tense (menggunakan verb 2).


Contoh cerita pendek pengalaman senang ketika berlibur ke rumah nenak yaitu

My Amazing Holiday

        Last holiday, I went to my grandmother’s house with my family. We went there by train. My grandmother’s house isn’t near our house. It needs three hours by train from my town. My mother brought foods us to eat in the rain, and also for my grandmother.

        We got my mother’s hometown in the afternoon. My grandmother picked us up at the train station. We were so happy meeting her. Then we went home by becaks.

        At my grandmother’s house, she had cooked my favorite meals. We had lunch and then took a rest for a while. At the evening, my grandmother brought us to the fair. We bought cotton candy and played some games.

        We had stayed at my grandmother’s house for a week. My grandmother always makes me smile and happy, because she loves us very much. I was very sad when we must come home. But, my mother told us that we will go to my grandmother’s house at the Lebaran holiday.


Liburanku yang Luar Biasa

        Liburan kemarin, saya pergi ke rumah nenek bersama keluarga saya. Kami pergi ke sana dengan kereta. Rumah nenek tidak dekat dari rumah kami. Ini membutuhkan tiga jam dengan kereta dari kota saya. Ibu saya membawa makanan untuk dimakan di kereta dan juga untuk nenek saya.

        Kami sampai di kampung ibu saya siang hari. Nenek saya menjemput kami di stasiun kereta api. Kami senang bertemu dengannya. Kemudian kami pulang dengan naik becak.

        Di rumah nenek, nenek telah memasak makanan kesukaan saya. Kami makan siang dan istirahat sejenak. Sore hari, nenek saya membawa kami ke pasar malam. Kami membei permen kapas dan bermain beberapa permainan.

        Kami tinggal di rumah nenek selama satu minggu. Nenek saya selalu membuat saya tersenyum dan bahagian, karena ia sangat mencintai kami. Saya sangat sedih ketika harus kembali ke rumah. Tetapi ibu saya memberi tahu kami bahwa kami akan pergi ke rumah nenek pada liburan lebaran.

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13. buatin dong cerita bahasa inggris ttg rencana liburan ke rumah nenek yg berada di kota

last week . i was to holiday. i went jakarta to visited in my grandma house’s. i am very happy ,because i want to meet my grandma. i miss her. in there
, i always to invite her walked surrounded her village. i’m so very happy in there. i always remember it .

semoga membantu

i plan to visit my grandma’s house in town. 
but i have to wait for my school holiday to come. i cannot wait to go there because i used to playing with my friends there. my grandma is always excited to welcome me and i am too. my grandma always cooks delicious meals for me and she accompany me sleeping. she never forgets to read me a story before i go to bed. she is the best grandma. i have already told my parents about my plan and they don’t have problem with that but my father suggests that i study hard then i can go to my grandma’s house. i agree with that condition and i will try my best to do what it takes. my grandma please wait for me

14. cerita liburan dirumah dalam bahasa inggris


One day, there’s kid named citahasanah, he sometimes travels around his house in A daze, his job is to eat, Sleep, poop, how miserable A loner is like A citahasanah


15. ceritakan tentang liburan di rumah nenek dg mengunakan bahasa inggris berserta artinya dengan tujuh paragraf


Aa gunanya dasar kasih soal yg benar la (Fp)

16. buatlah cerita dalam bahasa inggris mengenai liburan ke rumah nenek di jakarta.yang paling panjang aku kasih jawaban tercerdas

every school holiday, I went to my grandmother’s house, located in jakarta. every time I go there, the grandmother has been providing a lot of food. I love helping grandma doing his job. although I was tired but it was fun

17. Liburan di rumah nenek, apa bahasa inggris nya????

Holiday at Grandma’s householidays at grandma’s house

18. Apa bahasa inggrisnya liburan ke rumah nenek sambil belajar bertani

grandmother’s vacation while studying farming

Semoga membantu:)vacation to grandma’s house while learning to farm

semoga manfaat

19. Berlibur ke rumah nenek dalam bahasa Inggris


holiday to grandmother home

Jawaban:vacation to grandma’s home


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